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To control the temper of the boy, his father provided him with a bag that was filled with nails. The father then instructed the boy that whenever he loses his temper, he should immediately act through hammering one…
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Two stories
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Lecturer Two Stories Bad Temper A little boy continuously experienced bad and improper temper. To control the temper of the boy, his father provided him with a bag that was filled with nails. The father then instructed the boy that whenever he loses his temper, he should immediately act through hammering one nail into a pole of the wooden fence.
At the end of the first day, 39 nails were hammered into the wooden fence by the boy. The hammering action continued over several weeks, and this made the boy understand how to manage his anger. The anger was controlled because the daily nail hammering gradually reduced as the week progressed. The boy realized that it is easier and simpler to control temper and anger, than to hammer the nails into the wooden fence.
Finally, the boy was capable of completely control his anger and temper. He informed his father concerning the new situation of experiencing no anger. The father ten directed the boy to remove the each nail, for the days he was incapable of managing his anger. The weeks passed, and finally the boy informed his father that all the nails have been removed from the wooden fence.
The father led his son by hand and led him to the wooden fence. He instructed his son to observe the holes left in the fence. The holes distorted the surface of the fence. In a similar situation, anger distorts and leaves a noticeable scar. The father informed the son that if he strikes somebody with a knife and immediately removes it; the wound will forever be there, despite numerous apologies to the victim.
Pride Ensures Destruction
Acha was a famous and renowned artist and sculptor in the ancient world. His sculptural work closely resembled the real inspirational object. On a certain day, Acha had a unique dream. The dream illustrated that immediately after the fifteenth day; he will be captured and taken by the death demon. To protect himself, Acha produced nine statues of the exact image of himself.
During the fifteenth day, Acha heard of the coming of the death demon. He immediately stood between the nine statues. The death demon failed to identify him among the statutes. The demon was surprised to see ten, instead of one Acha, uncapable of making a decision, the death demon decided to report back to his master, the death god.
The death god was so annoyed; hence he decided to capture Acha himself. On reaching the venue, he saw the ten Achas; the real Acha stood motionless, expressionless and alert. The ten Achas perplexed and confused the death god. He carefully analyzed the situation and then loudly remaerked that the sculpture will be considered completely perfect if one mistake is solved.
The real Acha was unable to experience the negative criticism of his art pieces, by the death god. He came forward and enquired from the death god where the mistake is. The death god effectively utilized the opportunity to capture Acha. The statues were completely perfect art work, but Acha was captured due to his pride. Read More
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