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Comic Book Critical Analysis - Assignment Example

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It is also a narrative work. We must understand the term as comprising a wide variety of items. We may include in it non-fiction, fiction and short stories. Graphic novels…
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Comic Book Critical Analysis
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Extract of sample "Comic Book Critical Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages On hearing about it, we may take them to be conveying only comic stories, but they also present seriousness- this can vary from sexuality and alienation, to terrorism as well as stories relating to family, love etc. while analyzing the comic books, it is important that we should know from what point of time the graphic novels began to take shape as a distinct medium ,entertaining people, and who brought in innovative steps in this regard (Eisner, Will (1978). In ‘Truth about Graphic Novels: A Format, Not a Genre, The ALAN Review, Winter 2005 by Fletcher-Spear, Kristin, Jenson-Benjamin, Merideth, Copeland, Teresa’, we find this comment, and could be aptly used while mentioning about the graphic novels.
“The shortest definition of graphic novels describes them as "book-length comic books." A definition used by librarians refers to them as book-length narratives told using a combination of words and sequential art, often presented in comic book style. The constant in both definitions is "comic book." (Fletcher-Spear , 2009)Comic books are meant to entertain people. They seem very effective in conveying ideas of an author. Scot Mccoud has been an inspiring figure in this field. Scott Mccloud has been a prominent figure in writing and drawing comics since 1984.his book ‘understanding comics has been a great success. He is one of the American comic artists to assimilate magna influences in to his work.
Scott McCloud is considered one of the pre-eminent comics’ theorists on the basis of his Understanding Comics, a seminal work in comics’ theory. Though McCloud has been criticized for his lack of “theoretical sophistication” by not engaging with more theoretical vocabulary or reference to theory like semiotics, post-structuralism, or narratology, his work is still fundamental to comics theory, especially due to his own practical use of comics language (Groensteen vii). (Chris Hagenah 2000)
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Comic Book Critical Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Comic Book Critical Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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