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Argument Related to Family and Identity - Essay Example

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Building a personal identity is a gradual yet complicated process that includes one borrowing much from the environment and the people he interacts with to get the ideologies that they hold and feel they are correct. According to Brubaker & Cooper (2000), one’s identity is…
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Argument Related to Family and Identity
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Download file to see previous pages of the immediate function which start with the family we are in, that is passed to the extended family as one has to borrow much from them as we interact. The school is another institution that plays a key role in defining the identity of a person. It is at the school that one makes important decisions in life that determine his life and therefore heads one to a given social class. The interaction with other students also plays a key role in unleashing ones potential and bringing out the new identity one has to adopt. This essay will therefore look at the building of my identity and why I am the person I am today.
The person I am today is the product formed after interacting with many people. I have therefore inherited or gained many aspects from various people and I cannot attribute all my characters to a single person. Starting with the biological self, I must inherit some characteristics from my parents which is also inherited from my ancestors. This defines many of my characters and perceptions on top of various biological aspects such as height, complexion, race etc. Biological identity links me to my family. This places me in a family and so I get my first identity which includes a name that links me to my family. Every child is introduced in a family set up which is his or her first source of identity. That is the reason most kids adopt the habits that they see being practiced in the place where they are. This is also important introducing a child to a certain social class. If the parents are well financially, the child will live a good life and therefore he will not have an idea of how people live in financial constraints.
Upon being born I was therefore linked to my nuclear family and later to the extended family. This simple society has the codes they follow and the norms the do. This are the ideologies I held to first and of which some I still retain. However, as one grows up, he starts to question some of the ideologies the ancestors or the elder ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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