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When work comes home; Coping Strategies of Teleworkers and their Families - Essay Example

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The research is based on the information gathered from 25 teleworkers and the way they manage their work and domestic situations. The research was divided into case studies to demonstrate different situations faced by these individual and a conclusion was drawn from the evidence presented in the case studies…
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When work comes home; Coping Strategies of Teleworkers and their Families
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Extract of sample "When work comes home; Coping Strategies of Teleworkers and their Families"

Download file to see previous pages What paradigm is the author writing within, Critical or uncritical?
The term critical refers the rational arguments and logic to explain questions and to weigh up evidence to support claims (Goatly, 2000).
The authors use a critical paradigm for their work, with the help of which they build their arguments and present their data eventually leading to evaluation which supports what the authors are trying to portray.
The information in this research paper is based both on primary data collection as well as secondary data obtained from various literature sources. The primary information was collected through structured and semi-structured interviews with numerous participants. This information was then categorized into representative case studies which illustrated various home and work situations.
The paper follows a logical order of arguments throughout. The purpose of the paper is highlighted in the beginning. Teleworking and "coping strategies” along with various definitions and explanations of “work” and “home” are presented as the writers identify both as two separate discourses and the different temporal regimes they “draw on”.
The writing criticizes the co existence of work and home in the same environment. In their selection of the research sample the writers recognize their limitations and clearly state that their “findings cannot be generalized to other telework groups...” The evidence leading to the conclusion is presented adequately.
Is there any bias in the paper? If so, what?
Incomplete descriptions limit the overall understanding of the participants in the research therefore greatly impacting the interpretations and applications of the research findings . ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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When Work Comes Home; Coping Strategies of Teleworkers and Their Essay.
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