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Building Personal and Professional Competency - Essay Example

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In this essay, the researcher will explore how he has successfully achieved a greater personal and professional competency derived from the strict application of and following Rizomancy observation in every bit of the researcher’s undertakings…
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Building Personal and Professional Competency
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Extract of sample "Building Personal and Professional Competency"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that he has applied the Concept Mapping (CM) and the combination of CM and Stimulated Recall to help him detect the degree of his personal and professional development and subsequently adjust through vocational educations based on the comparison between CM and SR benchmarked against three elements of adequacy; content, richness and coherence that aids in determining the best personal professional theory to be applied in personal and professional development. As noted by the Maslow’s theory of needs, self-actualization is key to an individual’s life. The researcher has consequently realized that for him to develop a sound personal and professional proficiency, he must recognize and appreciate the need to self-actualize. Besides, the author has developed an insight into creative and critical thinking based on his realization the importance of a rational thinker in society. The researcher’s realization of individualization and individualism has subsequently shaped his ability to work with people and subsequently recognize to appreciate one’s viewpoint. Through his life, the author has been inspired to help people realize the impact of their thoughts, action as well as feeling to the society as a whole. The researcher has stressed to societal individuals within my reach that our actions should be well thought and 3-dimensionally driven. In so doing, the author has realized the persona in him based on the outstanding feature of the problem-solving individual. Professionalism involves working with people inter-dependently, and therefore, building a team through proactively empowering people to know what kind of objectives, values, goals, and policies is an inevitability for personal and professional competency buildup. The researcher has further showcased the outstanding of personal development and communicated such benefits as increased personal control, stress reduction, realistic and creation of system balance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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