Graduating a Specialized Institution in Pursuing Career Ambitions of Becoming a Dentist - Personal Statement Example

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The writing "Graduating a Specialized Institution in Pursuing Career Ambitions of Becoming a Dentist" would explain the need for higher education in choosing professional dentist practice as a career path. The writer of the statement would personally describe the skills and experience in the field…
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Graduating a Specialized Institution in Pursuing Career Ambitions of Becoming a Dentist
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Extract of sample "Graduating a Specialized Institution in Pursuing Career Ambitions of Becoming a Dentist"

Personal ment I hereby submit my personal ment for admission as an undergraduate in your This is in pursuant to my ‘long-term’ interest (I have had it since childhood), which is to emulate my father in his dental profession and to help him succeed in his private practice in the field. My interest in graduate school is facilitated by my desire to eventually become a dentist. This profession has also been of family interest since both my father and grandfather have practiced it. In order to achieve this dream, I have consistently worked hard in my studies and excelled in biological sciences, a major prerequisite for a dental school. Your institution, owing to its outstanding capacity in facilities and academic staff, for which it is internationally recognized, is my preferred choice as I intend to gain a high level of professional competence.
Even though many environmental factors have influenced my choice of the course, my immediate objective in the undergraduate program is to establish a basis for a future career in dentistry. This will empower me to help my father in his established private practice. I, however, can only achieve this through a competent institution like yours. This is because my success the graduate school will determine my progress in developing a profession as well as my personal competence.
Apart from my main objective of supporting and expanding my father’s practice, I aim at using my attained academic qualification and professional position to benefit the society as my future part time activity. For example, I intend to share my gained knowledge, which I shall in future expand through higher levels of education, with students in academic institutions through lecturing. It is similarly my desire to be a role model to the youth and the entire society, as I have been to my younger brother, and to encourage them to do good things. In order to achieve these goals however, I need to first develop my career to become an influential member of the society. I believe that I can achieve this only through your institution.
I also wish to communicate my competence to complete the program within the institution’s schedule. This is because I have resources, in terms of finances and time, to complete the course. My academic background also guarantees my ability to complete the course due to my average grade of 3.19 out of 4.0 ‘GAP’ and a score of 24 in my ‘ACTs’. Similarly, my excellent performance in biological sciences demonstrates my sufficient background knowledge for the program.
My hobbies in sports and volunteer works also stand to benefit the institution in its extracurricular competitions and social responsibility initiatives. I, for example, was actively involved in my high school’s football team that is recognized as a state champion contender in every year’s competitions. I have also become a role model to local sports where I volunteer my free time. I am also a disciplined and social person who easily interrelates with people at different levels such as with peers, teachers, and coaches.
I am therefore the most suitable candidate for this program, owing to my academic background, available resources, and motivational factors. My social attributes and talents will also benefit the institution. Read More
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