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Beauty - Essay Example

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Numerous aspects fascinate the perceptions of an individual. In this regard, every individual has different perceptions and views regarding certain things or objects. Correspondingly, differences in the…
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Extract of sample "Beauty"

Beauty Introduction The world is the home for people belonging to diverse culture and landscape. Numerous aspects fascinate the perceptions of an individual. In this regard, every individual has different perceptions and views regarding certain things or objects. Correspondingly, differences in the perceptions and views can also be seen with respect to the notion of ‘beauty’. It is often very difficult to define the idea of beauty. There is no universal definition of beauty. It is a broad and a complex idea. Simply stating, beauty can be considered as elusive. Yet, beauty can be defined as a phenomenon, which is generated either inside or outside an object or a person. Against this backdrop, this essay intends to demonstrate deep thought on the idea of ‘beauty.’
More often, the idea of beauty is often related to peoples’ physique. Women in the modern day often desire to look beautiful. Identifiably, they often engage in conducting varied sorts of activities with the purpose of looking more attractive. However, the idea of beauty is not limited to peoples’ physique. In contrast, some people would perceive the idea of beauty more than outer appearances. In this regard, beauty can be ugly and sadness as well. In this respect, it can be quoted that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” Notably, everything has its own beauty but the differences lie how an individual perceive things. Beauty can be categorized as combination of numerous factors. Notably, in humans, beauty can be duly considered as the combination of goodness and confidence. Although it is not essential for every individual to have positive or negative conceptions regarding beauty, rather the perceptions of the people regarding beauty can vary. For instance, an individual may perceive the seven colors in the rainbow to be beautiful, while others may have the opposite viewpoint. In certain circumstances, an individual may compare one individual with another or one object with another in order to judge beauty. A few individual may involve extensive analysis of an individual or an object based on which they may develop the idea of beauty. It is worth mentioning that people often tend to relate the idea of beauty with attractiveness. Although it can be stated that one may find a particular person or an object to be attractive, the same person may not relate it with beauty. Thus, it depends on inimitable characteristics, desires, and beliefs of an individual that influences their perceptions to decide what is beautiful. Notwithstanding, everything in this world is beautiful, but the only difference that can be seen lies in the perception of an individual (Johnson, Podratz, Dipboye, & Gibbons, 2010).
In this world, every individual is different in one way or other. Similarly, differences in the perceptions and views can also be observed. Thus, it is often very difficult to define the idea of beauty. In general, beauty can be defined as a phenomenon, which is generated either inside or outside an object or a person. Beauty is more than physical appearances. In other words, beauty can be related to sadness or even with ugliness. Everything and every individual in this world are beautiful. Thus, it can be firmly stated that beauty depends on the inimitable characteristics, desires and beliefs of an individual.
Johnson, S. K., Podratz, K., Dipboye, R. L., & Gibbons, E. (2010). Physical attractiveness biases in ratings of employment suitability: tracking down the “beauty is beastly” effect. The Journal of Social Psychology, 150(3), 301-318. Read More
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