Difference between Jobs in Saudi Arabia and in the U.S - Essay Example

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Mostly, women are not allowed to attain higher education and seek jobs. They are supposed to stay at home and look after their household. And if at all they do work, they are only…
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Difference between Jobs in Saudi Arabia and in the U.S
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Your full October 28, Comparison Essay Just like the American and the Saudi cultures are different in many social and cultural aspects, they also differ when it comes to jobs and workplaces.
The main difference is that in Saudi Arabia, there are not enough work opportunities for women. Mostly, women are not allowed to attain higher education and seek jobs. They are supposed to stay at home and look after their household. And if at all they do work, they are only allowed to join workplaces that are exclusively for women. Contrarily in USA, more and more women are seeking jobs and working with men, thanks to the feminist theories that the American society supports. There is no sex segregation, and both men and women work in the same workplaces. However, this also gives rise to problems like sexual harassment that the American workplaces are prone to.
In Saudi Arabia, people close their shops and workplaces when it is time to pray which is five times a day. They go to mosques no matter how many customers are there that they have to serve. American workplaces do not close on any religious day or occasion. People carry on working like any other normal hour. Similarly, since most Saudis are religious, they implement Islamic laws in their businesses. For example, usury or interest based business is prohibited. Business is done according to Islamic principles. American businesses do not implement such laws.
In short, American and Saudi jobs and workplaces differ in many aspects, of which sex segregation and religious compromises are some important factors that make Saudi jobs different from American jobs. Read More
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