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Comparison of Organizational Cultures of the United States versus Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates - Essay Example

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An organization culture refers to the norms, values, and expectations that have a bearing on the way groups or agencies prioritize and carry out their affairs. The effectiveness of any organization culture hinges on its adaptability and flexibility. Organizational cultures are…
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Comparison of Organizational Cultures of the United States versus Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
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Extract of sample "Comparison of Organizational Cultures of the United States versus Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates"

Download file to see previous pages Arguments in this paper flow from four cultural traits of effective organizations that include involvement, consistency, adaptability, and mission. The paper compares and contrasts the organizational cultures of the U.S and those of the Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates by applying elements such as collectivism versus individualism, femininity versus masculinity, orientation, and power distance.
America organizational culture features a system of inclusive involvement whereby employees are rewarded for taking initiatives. The American system values accountability and empowerment. The American organization cultures stress the significance of accountability. The U.S. organizational culture provides a favorable environment for peak performance accompanied by extrinsic rewards. Aspects such as individual bonuses are tied to initiative and personal accountability. The organization culture of the U.S. establishes conditions for achieving operational objectives. U.S. organization culture stresses the importance of values such as communication, innovation, collaboration, and stability, which influences the employees’ roles and expectations. The organizational culture of U.S. also encourages innovation and risk taking.
Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, which comprise part of Arab World, exhibits unique values and beliefs as reflected on the organizations practices and systems development, implementation and management. The two countries are heavily dependent on foreign labor, especially in essential professional and skilled or technical fields. Expatriates in the countries are hired contractually; their jobs attract high extrinsic rewards. There is a strong inclination in both countries for an increased preference for managerial positions. Survey conducted in organizations in both countries highlights conflicting attitudes towards Western business models. However, most agree that they enhance organizational performance. Regulatory decisions within the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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