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The Impacts of Television on the United Arab Emirates Culture - Essay Example

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In the paper "The Impacts of Television on the United Arab Emirates’ Culture" the importance of television and its purpose is discussed along with the chronology of its production or invention. The culture of United Arab Emirates does not coincide with international culture…
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The Impacts of Television on the United Arab Emirates Culture
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Extract of sample "The Impacts of Television on the United Arab Emirates Culture"

Download file to see previous pages Television has become indispensable lately; life exclusive of it has been an absurd idea for people all around the world. It was meant to educate, aware the audience to the recent occurring all around the world by sitting cozily, mode of entertainment, sharing of cultural norms and customs takes place through it and a hub for advertising and marketing lately (Peter Fincham ,2007). 
Media tool and exemplary revolutionary mean; television, was invented in a more unconventional manner. The quest started in 1884 when a German Scientist introduced a Nipkow disk, which could transmit pictures over the wire through the rotation of the disk. He was the first scientist who was able to discover the scanning law for mechanical television In 1897, another German scientist Karl Braun invented Cathode Ray Tube, which is the picture tube used in contemporary Televisions. In1920, John Logie Baird invented the mechanism of transmitting the image through the technology array of transparent rods. His display of television was mainly dependent on reflective light rather than back-lit silhouettes. In 1923, Charles Jenkins invented the first moving silhouettes image mechanism called radiovision.In 1927, Philo T.Farnsworth was the first scientist who was able to broadcast a TV illustration which consisted of 60 horizontal lines. It was a picture of the dollar sign. He also developed dissector tube which is still used in current technology of television. In 1929, a Russian scientist named Vladimir Zworykin worked on the cathode ray tube technology and redesigned it and afterward it showed the characteristics of the modern picture tube. Later on Louise Parker in 1948 invented receiver of television for scrolling different channels. Later on, with the passage of time, this exceptional invention was modified initially only colored television was more than enough to fulfill the purpose of telecommunication. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(The Impacts of Television on the United Arab Emirates Culture Essay)
The Impacts of Television on the United Arab Emirates Culture Essay.
“The Impacts of Television on the United Arab Emirates Culture Essay”, n.d.
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