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Marketing plan for a new self service laundry In Dubai, UAE - Essay Example

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Its long-term goal is to become the leading laundry service provider not only in Dubai but also in the entire United Arabs Emirates in the next five years. Its short term goal is to reach out to as many people as possible within its first year of…
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Marketing plan for a new self service laundry In Dubai, UAE
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Download file to see previous pages This will ensure that there is low formality and that authority is centralized. There are other organization designs that can be employed to adequately help the company achieve its objectives. One of such organizational designs is the team design where the company is made of different teams who work separately but towards attaining a common goal. It is easier to achieve the company’s objectives as a team rather than as individuals since different people have different skills and expertise.
The company will be competing in a laundry service industry and will therefore be providing laundry services to the people of Dubai. The company competes directly with other laundry service companies such as Champion Cleaners. Champion Cleaners has more than forty outlets in United Arabs Emirates including Dubai. The company offers laundry services to approximately fifty percent of the laundry service customers in Dubai. In the year 2013, the company recorded sales of approximately 1.3 million garments per year. Our company is yet to begin its operations in Dubai hence it has no share of market. The company wishes to earn at least a twenty percent share of the Dubai market within the three years of its operations. The company will be competing directly with the pick-up and door to door delivery services offered by the Champion Cleaners which has seen the company grow at a high rate and even expand its operations outside United Arabs Emirates. Since our company will be beginning its operations in Dubai, we will be competing locally with the Champion Cleaners. The Champion cleaners however compete locally, nationally and even regionally with other laundry service companies. Nevertheless, the growth of the laundry service industry in Dubai can be estimated to around six percent in the last five years with very few players coming into the industry. The demand for the laundry services in Dubai is constant throughout the year. The state of both ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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