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It has a population of approximately 2.3 million according to 2008 statistics. A comprehensive delineation of the micro and macro level spatial planning…
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Download file to see previous pages At the macro level there is yet another set of activities including the changes and modifications to existing infrastructures and the organizing of the event through to the end (Henderson, 1988). Event management industry is necessarily entwined here with the event to such an extent that all consequential and subsequent strategic decision choices available down the line from the planning consultant to the manager are determined by the very structural dimensions and contingency imperatives.
While many stakeholders – internal and external – would show an equally great amount of interest in the successful outcome of the urban planning process, there can still be countervailing interests that seek to prevail over the rest. The degree of influence that each stakeholder group has on the next outcome of the planning process is determined by a number of internal and external factors such as the social, economic and political problems of each stakeholder group and a possible assessment of costs and benefits arising from the level of planning (Hoevel, 2007). Stakeholders such as citizens, private business organizations, contractors, suppliers, government concerns, property developers, foreigners working and residing in Dubai, condominium dwellers, local government authorities and so on all have a stake in such outcomes. Though Post-Fordist influences can be seen in Dubai to a certain extent it’s the single urban model of structure that Alonso, Muth and Mills advocated in the 1960’s is visible everywhere in Dubai.
The City of Dubai, unlike many other Middle Eastern countries, is located at the heart of the Gulf for all commercial purposes. Overall this analysis focuses on the urban planning methodologies, infrastructure and structural flexibility intended to engender systematic and constant growth of the City over the years to come. Such huge urban planning activity necessitates ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dubai Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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