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Information and Geography of the United Arab Emirates - Term Paper Example

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This paper "Information and Geography of the United Arab Emirates" presents is a country which is bordering Saudi Arabia to the south and Oman to the east. Furthermore, it is situated towards the southeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. The country was established in the year 1971…
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Information and Geography of the United Arab Emirates
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Download file to see previous pages This provides me an opportunity to meet new people and apprehend different cultural backgrounds people.
The ancient culture of the United Arab Emirates is viewed as rich and experienced drastic alteration after the discovery of petrol. Likewise, UAE has completed a distinctive cultural jumble in the middle of the state of the art technologies and ancestral traditions.

The cultural background of Emirati has been significantly influenced by the cultural beliefs, values, and philosophies of East Africa, India and Persia The architecture which is being inspired by the Persian and Arabian is viewed to be the pivotal part of the local Emirati distinctiveness and identity. The influence of Persian can be notably visible in the traditional folk arts and architecture of Emirati. One of the prime examples for notifying and classifying the traditional architecture of Emirati is the barrel. Moreover, this example attributes the influence of Persian towards the traditional architecture of the UAE. Before the year 1971, Trucial states were the primary name of seven emirates. The name Trucial states originated from the agreements of maritime which was held between the leading sheiks and British. The economic life of the United Arab Emirates is heavily dependent on sea trade and pearl diving. The cultural experience provides vivid information about the enhancement of personal self-awareness.
The social life of the UAE is primarily built and based on the religion of Islam. The UAE labor forces have been heavily determined by social factors. I belong to a middle-class family. It has been revealed that people staying in the United Arab Emirates are in a much better financial position than that of many parts of the people in North Africa and the Middle East. Experts from the industrial sector state that middle-class families in UAE save and earn more money than households in other regions. Moreover, this is because of superior job prospects, better living standards, and improved infrastructure. The high stand of living and better job prospects molded and influenced me to change my outlook about society.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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