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A Descriptive Analysis of Illegal Immigration in the United Arab Emirates - Thesis Example

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"A Descriptive Analysis of Illegal Immigration in the United Arab Emirates" paper states that the propensity for illegal immigration or vulnerability to illegal labor practices, abuse, human trafficking, the current UAE program, and its technological engagement may provide the best surveillance. …
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A Descriptive Analysis of Illegal Immigration in the United Arab Emirates
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Extract of sample "A Descriptive Analysis of Illegal Immigration in the United Arab Emirates"

Download file to see previous pages Immigration has persisted since antiquity, as have migrant populations. However, these human movements, migratory practices, and the diverse and divergent contexts in which they have occurred throughout the twentieth and the twenty-first century have yielded unintended and unexpected consequences. Whereas modernity, globalization, and technological innovation have given rise to free trade, global labor markets, and national interdependence, it has also coauthored fluid movements throughout regions and adaptations and accommodations within emigrant and host societies. While the scope and span of migration and immigration have intensified with the rise of globalization, regional and civil conflicts, economic and political policies implemented within nations, other developments have additionally complicated these human practices. As Human Rights Watch (2009) states, borders have shifted and lines have been drawn and redrawn. New nations/states have been founded and their governments established. Furthermore, policies change within the blink of an eye. Flexible in nature, they are legislated and implemented in response to national, international, and regional affectations and experiences. Understandably then, immigration is both inspired by and delimited by all of these consequences and catalysts. For governments, immigration requires vigilance.

As demonstrated by the 9/11 attacks on the US and the subsequent investigations that revealed illegal immigration, lax immigration investigation, and associative practices, insufficient attention to immigration poses significant threats to its population. Accordingly, it also elicits questions of governmental legitimacy and its national policies. As United States Representative Pete Sessions, a Republican from Texas illuminated while proposing immigration practice changes (Borenstein, 2009).

Poor border governance, outdated tracking systems, and lax interior visa enforcement continue to put us at unnecessary risk as we go about our daily lives who proposed changes in immigration law. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(A Descriptive Analysis of Illegal Immigration in the United Arab Thesis, n.d.)
A Descriptive Analysis of Illegal Immigration in the United Arab Thesis.
(A Descriptive Analysis of Illegal Immigration in the United Arab Thesis)
A Descriptive Analysis of Illegal Immigration in the United Arab Thesis.
“A Descriptive Analysis of Illegal Immigration in the United Arab Thesis”.
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