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Culture of a place in California - Essay Example

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The history of this city goes back to the settlements of the European men; in fact San Diego was the first area of California on which Europeans had settled. San Diego…
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Culture of a place in California
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Extract of sample "Culture of a place in California"

Download file to see previous pages During and after the WWII, there was immense growth as entrepreneurs boosted the economy which is still running as military, tourism, defence industries, manufacturing, and international trade. A number of cultural groups and monuments exist in California throughout the history.
San Diego has been a very lively and energetic city because of its people. It consists of people who migrated from several different areas and formed their communities in the city in order to earn money and send back home to their families. These individuals eventually migrated to the city with their families and the economy boosted. Today, the city is full of entrepreneurs, cheap labour, artists, and several communities that make San Diego what it is.
The Californios community took hold of a numerical majority in 1848 as they owned a major part of the property and secured the social and cultural recognition; however they failed to take control of the political system and thus by 1860, the area had declined economically. The Hispanics made huge breakthroughs in the WWI in San Diego farm districts. Their skills, experiences from military, and contacts lead to profits and improved the economy (Lockwood 95). Many other cultural groups that settled in San Diego were mainly in order to boost the economy.
San Diego also welcomed the Chinese immigrants in the 1860s as they settled in two fishing villages; Point Loma and New Town. These Chinese immigrants became the pioneers in 1860s in the industry and their peak time was in the 1880s. By the 1890s, the Chinese settled and found more jobs in the fishing industry as well as the service industry, railroad construction and general construction, merchandising, and food industry. District associations, family associations, business guilds, and secret societies were eventually formed. San Diego consists of several Chinese immigrants who have now achieved the status of a community and are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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