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D1 - Assignment Example

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Starr Kevin noted that California entered history as a myth by this he meant that other states of the United States of America were typically given their names after actual geographical locations like New Mexico and New York, native tribes like Massachusetts and Dakota while…
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California History Kevin Starr argues that California entered "history as a myth?" What does he mean by this and how would geography and conquest fit into this understanding?
Starr Kevin noted that California entered history as a myth by this he meant that other states of the United States of America were typically given their names after actual geographical locations like New Mexico and New York, native tribes like Massachusetts and Dakota while others named after historical figures such as Washington and Rhode Island. California got its name after Calafia a mythical queen who came from Spanish Romance. Starr (26), argues that the mythical nature of the State implies that the stubborn facts of people life were enemies from the start, therefore, California was prone to fabricate its experience and have continued to show some version of the that experience on and off ever since.
In addition, Starr meant that our actual lived experience takes place in California, where our marriages, tribes, cultures, histories and neighbors, public laws, private agonies and our real homes right down to our humble daily occurrences and activities such as eating existed. All these things were pursued by the fact that one belonged to California or was precipitated by California-ism which depend upon love affair, power and pleasure, norms and values of human made empires not those that emanate from Heaven. When Starr stated that California entered history is a myth, he tried to imply that California has been seen Shangri-la-the promised land of many pilgrims who looking for American dream. In addition, the statement implied that California which is the second most populous State in the United States has been blessed with human diversity and natural beauty (Starr 30). More so, the State has been witnessed many events such as innovation, triumph, and discovery. For many years, California native people lived in plenty or of good topography and climate suited to human habitation.
2. How would you characterize indigenous peoples in California on the eve of European colonization? What were the similarities and differences?
During the renaissance period, European colonization were not the only one doing good and great things. This is because societies in other parts of the world flourished. As the world turned into the 15th century, it seems that each in the world had its own renaissance. Native Americans of North America were not an exception. These people had diverse languages and culture much such as Europeans. When colonizers from Europe landed in North America, they could not have imagined of the intricacy of the people they were soon to interact with. Not all Native Americans lived in peace like Europeans; the continent faced tribal conflicts that sometimes led to cultural and human destruction. European colonizers in California sought to colonize indigenous people via various means such as new labor relations, forcible relocation and installation of military (Starr 40).
The native populations were not powerless in that they resisted, escaped and changed colonial life by redefining who they were. Similarity that manifest in these indigenous people in California is that they all resisted Europeans before they were subjected to colonialism. More so, some Californian communities such as Kiliwa and Paipai sought to maintain their own identities and self interest by ensuring that they did not adopt European culture since it conflicted with their own culture. The difference unfolds when some native people in California who were eager for exploration desired to trade with the Europeans while others did not want to interact with them. In addition, native people that were willing to trade with Europeans collaborated with them as they shared their cultures.
Work Cited
Starr, Kevin. California: A History. New York: The Modern Library. 2007. Print. Read More
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