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Three major events transform California into one of the biggest economic maker in United States. These are the California Gold Rush (1848-1859), Hollywood and the Great Depression.
The California Gold…
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3 major events in California that we can feel today
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Transformative Events in the History of California Transformative Events in the History of California If California is a country, it could be a 7th largest country in economy. Three major events transform California into one of the biggest economic maker in United States. These are the California Gold Rush (1848-1859), Hollywood and the Great Depression.
The California Gold Rush has a significant effect on California’s economy. When James Marshall made a discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill, in March 1848, the news spread all over the world like a wild fire. People from different parts of the world came to exploit the mineral, thereby increasing the California’s population and diversity1. Emigration led to the increase in population which brought about desire to own land. The populous areas tended to have small tracts of land for farming and settlement, yet people desired to have large pieces of land. This dilemma was solved through government’s intervention, by introducing the California Land Act (1851). The policy monopolized land and solved the problem of land tenure.
The rush brought about diversity in the sense that the people who went to exploit gold came from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We feel the impact of this diversity in California. Currently, there are various ethnic and racial groups living in California. This has enhanced the unity in diversity, and has helped the people of California to appreciate and enrich different cultures. We can feel the impact of the gold rush in current California economy, as it opened up California to other parts of the world for trade.
Hollywood movie production is one of the largest movie makers in the world. It makes Los Angeles, California a historical and cultural center for exhibition of movies, and this enhances social growth of the state. The revenue of the movies producer contributes a lot to California economy2. It is true to say that Hollywood productions are part of California’s main exports. Apart from earning the state considerable amounts of revenue, the industry provides employment to the vast population in the state and it offers a positive balance in international trade. It makes more contributions to the economy as compared to legal, medical, insurance and telecommunication sectors. It is indeed an economic powerhouse industry to reckon with, not only in California, but in the whole of America.
The Great Depression of 1929-1940s was an economic tragedy that made many people in California jobless. It began with the crash of stock markets in USA on 29th October, 1929, “Black Tuesday.” The depression rendered many people jobless, and they could hardly afford basic needs. Many displaced farmers moved to California to work on farms thereby increasing the state’s population. Later on, President Franklin D. Roosevelt created New Deal projects. The project built railroads in California to open workforce. We can feel the positive effect of this railroad to the California trade and economy3. These railroads expose California to other states, and cut the time and distance that would be spent in travel and trade. Furthermore, the descendants of the displaced farmers are the majority workers in California’s plantations. The labor workforce that they provide increases agricultural yields, which in turn creates food sufficiency in the state.
In conclusion, it is worth noting that the history of any state plays a leading role in its future. We have seen how three major events that occurred in California in the past continue to shape the economic, political and social sectors of the state. Specifically, the positive economic base formed by the three events is vital for continuous growth of California, and the rest of America.
Chan, Sucheng., and Olin, Spencer. Major Problems in California History. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1997. Read More
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