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Comparison, Japan town in San Francisco VS Tenderloin in San Francisco - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Comparison, Japantown in San Francisco vs. Tenderloin in San Francisco Japantown refers to a town situated in the Western Addition region of San Francisco, California, which comprises of roughly six square city blocks (Brands 30)…
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Comparison, Japan town in San Francisco VS Tenderloin in San Francisco
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Download file to see previous pages Tenderloin, on the other hand, is a region in downtown San Francisco, California, in the low areas on the southern slope of Nob Hill, positioned between the Civic Center district office to the southwest and the Union Square district shopping to the northeast (Brands 34). It comprises of roughly 50 square blocks, as well as a conservative description, which is bounded by Geary Street on the north, by Mason Street on the east, by Market Street on the south and by Van Ness Avenue on the west. The northern border with Lower Nob Hill, in the past, has been set at Geary Street (Brands 35). The social culture of Japantown and Tenderloin is directly related to the social culture of the United States, all together. Nevertheless, there are aspects, which are exceptional to these two towns. Incorporating roots from various cultures such as Spain, Mexico, Japanese and the culture of the eastern U.S., Japantown and Tenderloin incorporates languages, foods, as well as traditions from various parts of the world. With regards to this, this paper will discuss how symbols affect behavior and social interaction in these two towns. It will also discuss how such factors as cultures, lifestyle, age, education, occupation, mode of travel and residence among others influence how people perceive their city along with the interaction of others. Finally, the paper will discuss how events from the past connect to current phenomenon in these neighborhoods. The eight new terms that this paper will incorporate include labeling, the looking glass self, social norms, social consensus, social institution, dramaturgical perspective, ethnic enclave and agency. The two sociological thinkers that this paper will use include Charles Horton Cooley and Goffman. Below is a brief description of these terms. The definitions of the words are put in their sociological contexts. How Symbols Affect Behavior and Social Interaction in These Two Towns In Japantown, a number of aspects are adopted from the Japanese culture. According to citizens in this town, gods show human emotions such as anger and love (Jofuku 23). Symbols like uniforms, banners, songs, as well as names, identify the people as distinctive from others both to strangers and to those in the group. Involvement in community activities, whether official or unofficial, is a sign that a person wants to be deemed as part of the group (Goffman 54). Therefore, “after-work bar hopping”, in Japantown, offers not just instrumental chances for the exchange of information, in addition to discharge of social tensions, but also chances nonverbally to convey a need for continued affiliation. Such a factor forms the dramaturgical perspective of the town in that the town viewpoints start from symbolic interactionism (Goffman 54). Dramaturgy refers to a sociological viewpoint beginning from symbolic interactionism and normally used in microsociological contexts of social relations in day-to-day life. In Tenderloin, working in groups agitates for the creation of successful channels of communication, which highlight group interdependence, as well as a feeling of distinction from people who are not affiliates of the group (Brands 60). Nevertheless, social interaction outside that which happens with individuals with whom one works and lives with is a need in Tenderloin. If the exchange is short and fairly irrelevant such as purchasing a newspaper, then secrecy will be sustained (Brands 60). However, if the relationship is anticipated to go on over a long time, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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