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San Francisco is a city in the United States, and it is the capital of the County of San Francisco. San Francisco is a city of exceedingly diversified topography. According to Koppen climate classification system, San Francisco lies under Mediterranean type of climate…
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San Francisco Climate Classification
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San Francisco climate ification San Francisco is a in the United s, and it is the capital the countyof San Francisco. The geographical coordinates of the city are: latitude – 37.7272 and longitude – 123.032 or 37° 43? 38? North, and123° 1? 55? West, with an altitude of - 26m.San Francisco is a city of exceedingly diversified topography. Winds are channeled over and aver around the City by the terrain, bringing about a pronounced differences in weather across relatively short distances (Edison 159). According to Koppen climate classification system, San Francisco lies under Mediterranean type of climate. This is a climate type that is in the polar face region in winter, and hence has moderate temperatures and variable, rainy weather. Summer is typically hot and dry, on account of the domination of subtropical high pressure systems, apart from the immediate coastal regions, where summers are milder because of the nearby existence of cold ocean currents. Other cities that share the same or similar climatic classifications are Palermo, Madrid and Victoria in Canada (Edison 166).             In the summer months, temperatures hit about 50F overnight, rising to 75°F or more in the afternoon. When the fog comes back, it will drop back to the 50s. Almost every day, at around 3 pm, there are 25-30mph west winds from Pacific Ocean. The wind calms as the dark comes.  In August, there may be a few showers, and even some thunderstorms, as the Southwest monsoons reach the Bay region. Autumn weather is perhaps the most dependable.  Warm (about 80°F at the City, 90-100°F in the North, South or East bay cities) and dry "Indian Summer" days reign in October, when there is least likely to exist any rain or fog.  Still, it can be around 50s at night.  Some people articulate this is the best occasion to visit The City in the year, and that the true summer here occurs in September and October (Edison 185).             The rains can be at most in November to December.  These are cool Pacific winter storms, not the monsoons.  December also generally brings fog, which may perhaps burn in the morning or remain all day.  Regularly, these months are just cold and clear.  Temperatures may not go beyond 50F in the city, or beyond 40F in the suburbs.  Snowfall is very uncommon, except for infrequent light dusting atop the close peaks of Mt. Diablo, Mt. Hamilton and Mt. Tamalpais. The Santa Cruz Mountains might share the snow during these times.  The rains usually come back heavily in March.  In April, the weather is most tentative of the year.  There could be a dry heat wave of 80s for some days, and in less than a week later it may rain. The city averages over 300 sunshine days annually.  San Francisco has a repute of being windy, owing to its topography and location in the vicinity of cold ocean waters that funnels the winds all through the city. Ocean water temperatures are normally about 50s and 60s (Edison 215). The surrounding hills magnify a vibrant green. The month of May could be a little sunny and milder, or there may be sustained cloudy with temperatures usually around 60s and 70. The summer prototype and golden hills revisit in May or June. The excellent wetland habitation provided by the bay supports a wealth of waterfowls. Over one hundred species of birds can be easily found here and devoted birders have seen over 250. The Bay area is also a home to a range of mammals from common California Ground Squirrel to rare San Joaquin Kit Fox. Land mammals such as the Black tailed Deer are found. Flying mammals like bats and Marine ones like the Harbor Seal. There are over 50 species of mammals. Reptiles include a variety of snakes, the Western Pond Turtle and lizards. Fish variety found includes rays, sharks, salmon, and other oceanic and freshwater fish (Edison 203). Salt Lake City climatic classification Salt Lake City, often nicknamed SLC or Salt Lake, is the capital and the most heavily populated city of the United States state of Utah. It is located at an average elevation of 4,328 ft or 1,320 m above sea level with coordinates 40°45?0?N 111°53?0?W. The city lies in Salt Lake City metropolitan region. Salt Lake City is further located in a larger urban locale known as Wasatch Front. It is one of the only two major urban places in the Great Basin (other being Nevada Reno) (Edison 55). The Salt Lake City climate is characterized as a semi - arid climate by the koopen climatic classification system. It has four distinct seasons annually. Both winter and summer are long, with dry, hot summers and chilly, snowy winters. The spring and fall serve as brief but contented transition periods. Salt Lake City receives annual 419 mm of precipitation. While the summer is very dry, spring is the wettest season. Snow occurs averagely from November to April, producing an average of about155 cm. The nearby Great Salt Lake may help enhance rain. About 10% of the annual precipitation is estimated to be attributed to the lake effect in the city. The remnants of East Pacific tropical cyclones can occasionally make their way to the city during October and September (Edison 96). The high salinity in the lake makes many it uninhabitable for all but a small number of species, including brine flies, brine shrimp, and several forms of algae. An estimated population of over one hundred billion brine flies serves as the major source of food to many birds which migrate periodically to the lake. However, the salt and fresh water wetlands along the northern and eastern edges of the Lake provide vital habitat for 7 million migratory shorebirds and hundred of thousand of waterfowl in west of North America. These marshes comprise approximately 75% of the Utah wetlands (Edison 114). Works Cited E., Paul. The Climate of the Earth. New york: Government press, 2005. print Read More
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