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California Travel and Authority Commission - Assignment Example

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In the paper “California Travel and Authority Commission” the author analyzes the present destination management organization in California. It is non-profit in nature. It is tasked with the responsibility of implementing marketing plans meant to display California as the best travel destination…
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California Travel and Authority Commission
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Extract of sample "California Travel and Authority Commission"

Download file to see previous pages The greatest challenge posed on the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) is global warming. Its effects on the natural environment are detrimental. For instance, it causes rising of sea level; migration of wild animals; and hurricanes. In spite of the present economic impact tourism has had on California, it faces significant adaptability challenges. Reason being, majority of the tourist attraction sites depend on the natural environment. Efforts meant to sustain the existing environmental condition are very expensive, and their implications are far reaching. A notable example, the United States Congress, has been tasked with the responsibility of protecting tourist sites for the upcoming generation. However, they have yet to establish what it means for the future and present use of large portions of land in the coastal regions and forests (Kahrl & Ronald-Holst, 2012). Next, tourism is regard as being the most taxed industry. This ranges from the airline tickets, accommodation, and charges for car hire. Consequently, tourists shifting to destinations that are more accommodating (5 Key Issues Facing Travel and Tourism, 2012). The tourism industries and DMO entirely depend on each other, in the event of challenges; the existence of both is negatively affected. 
An elaborate way of administrating tourist destination is through the establishment of DMO. Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) plays a major role towards the success of the tourism sector. However, it also in charge of some other roles, namely: facilitate a broad understanding of the economic and societal dimension of demand and supply in the tourism sector; enable the growth and diversification of existing sectors of tourism. It will ensure increased competitive nature of this sector; develop a joint venture between the public and private participants within the tourism industry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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