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Crittaclly Describe and Analyse the world Top Ten Airports of the Civil Aviation Industry - Essay Example

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This is indeed one of the most prestigious institutions of Chicago which has a long and shinning history of top class aviation industry. The airport system is under the direct command of Richard M…
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Crittaclly Describe and Analyse the world Top Ten Airports of the Civil Aviation Industry
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"Crittaclly Describe and Analyse the world Top Ten Airports of the Civil Aviation Industry"

Download file to see previous pages The airport was once the largest airport in America before Atlanta airport took over the first place. The O’Hare International Airport has four terminals with a combined number of an astounding 182 gates. The airport runs over 50 different airlines and has a positive feedback from its customers.
This is indeed one the largest and the oldest airports of human history. The airport was created in 1923 and in 1949 it was named Chicago Midway airport from its previous name of Chicago Municipal airport. This is the second largest airport in the Chicago areas and the second busiest in the state of Illinois after Chicago’s OHare International Airport. The number of travelers that passed through Midway was 17,340,497 in2008. The airport is the 30th busiest airport in the Unites States. The airport has an over eighty years of top quality service, with only 21 accidents. The last tragedy took place almost thirty four years ago in 1976. The airport has 43 gates in total. Southwest airline is still their dominant service which controls 28 of these 43 gates.
The two main players in the Chicago IL area are as mentioned Midway and O’Hare. According to the financial statements issued by Chicago city airport system, O’Hare saw 75 million customers and Midway as many as 19 million customers. If we analyze the market share in terms of customer base than we can say that the market share of O’Hare is almost 79%. There are a many other smaller airports in the area with negligible market share.
The industry is owned and run by the city council. The mayor of Chicago is the person in charge and has delegated operational authority to John A. Roberson who is the Commissioner in Chicago’s Department of Aviation.
The airport has two types of customers. The primary customers are the travelers. They use the facilities being provided by Chicago IL airport system such as restaurants, lodging and restrooms. The main ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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