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Aviation Security and Its Impact on Airports - Case Study Example

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This paper under the title "Aviation Security and Its Impact on Airports" focuses on the fact that civil aviation has a direct influence on economic growth of a nation, and it integrates world economy and promotes international exchange of people, and their services. …
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Aviation Security and Its Impact on Airports
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Extract of sample "Aviation Security and Its Impact on Airports"

Download file to see previous pages Governments are investing billions of dollars every year to ensure safe travelling for air passengers. On the other hand, higher security measures resulted in higher costs for airlines as well as for passengers which burden more on them at a time when soaring fuel bills are already driving up prices. At the same time it impacts badly on civil liberties.
Civil aviation is becoming an integral part of national economy, and is a key catalyst for economic growth and has a profound influence on the quality of life around the globe. Civil aviation integrates the world economy and promotes the international exchange of people, ideas, products, and investments.
Airlines are characterized as national symbols. As long as people are flying, there will be a need for aviation security. Secure air transportation is an essential as well as an important issue both domestically as well as internationally.
In earlier days aviation security was only a minor concern. But, today aviation security is high on the list of priorities of air travelers for federal government as well as for the international aid community.
Billions of dollars have been invested every year by nations to ensure safe and secure civil aviation system which is a critical component of the nation’s overall security, physical infrastructure, and economic foundation. Safety is topmost importance factor in aviation, especially in commercial sector (J Rumerman, 2010).
Airline disasters generally receive media attention disproportionate to the death toll and become breaking news of the day. Moreover, casualties are always in larger proportion in the event of disaster as an airplane provides hundreds of people at the height of nearly 30,000 feet with no chance of survival. So airlines will always be an attractive target for terrorists making aviation security a top priority.
Generally people in large numbers pass through airports, and this presents potential targets for terrorism and other forms of crime.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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