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Draft Outline & body & Introduction of paragraph raisin in the sun by lorraine hansberry - Essay Example

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It will discuss issues such as racial segregation in housing programs. In addition, it examines how issues of identity trouble racially segregated characters.
The play is about the life struggle of…
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Draft Outline & body & Introduction of paragraph raisin in the sun by lorraine hansberry
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Extract of sample "Draft Outline & body & Introduction of paragraph raisin in the sun by lorraine hansberry"

Outline Background Information about the play. The social changes that prompted the writing of the play. The reflections of Hansberry’s childhood life.
The racial struggles during the 1950s.
Introduction and thesis statement
Summary of Younger’s family life and struggle.
Influence of social status and race on the American dream.
The Younger poverty situation.
The elusive American and family dreams.
Analysis and interpretation
Racial inequality and discrimination.
This is essential in the sense that it highlights the main theme of the story. It will discuss issues such as racial segregation in housing programs. In addition, it examines how issues of identity trouble racially segregated characters.
Lack of social and economic progression.
This part discusses how the craters in the play make a lot of effort to improve their well-being but end up in an uncertain financial future.
Unity and strength in fighting racial discrimination.
This part describes how differences in thought systems help characters re-understand their place and future in the American society.
Optimism and determination of a better future.
This part discusses how in spite of unpleasant life, the characters can harness hope for a better future.
Importance of family unity.
This part describes how the existence of the family help the individual characters navigate the difficult life that they undergo.
The elusive family and American dream
The play is about the life struggle of an African American family living in a ghetto in Southside of Chicago (Hansberry 18). The play heavily mirrors Hansberry’s life. The Youngers live in the Southside of Chicago just like the author, who grew up in the same neighborhood. Hansberry father filed the famous lawsuit Hansberry vs. Lee complaining about the violation of their right to purchase home anywhere including in all-white neighborhoods. Although the court ruled to the author’s favor, the Hansberry family underwent physical attacks from their white neighbors. Hansberry wrote the play at a time when there were several social changes taking place in America. In the plot, the Youngers, an African-American family lives in poverty. The play begins by the family receiving $10,000 from the life insurance policy of the deceased Mr. Younger (Hansberry 2). Due to their myriad problems and needs, the family is divided on how best to use the money. Mama wants to use the money to buy a new home while Walter wants to invest the money in a liquor business with his friend while Beneatha hopes to use the money for her tuition fee. Ruth, Walters’s wife, agrees with Mama arguing that a better home will benefit the entire family. In the end, Walter’s friend misuses the money and the family encounters a decision by a white neighbor to move out of the given neighborhood and receive money for the same. The play indicates that equal opportunities for improvement of social and economic class as highlighted in the American dream are not fairly accessible to every citizen, but are dependent on race and social status.
Works Cited
Hansberry, Lorraine. A Raisin in the Sun. New York: Vintage Books, 1994. Print. Read More
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