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Electrostatic Force and Its Effect on Our Life: a Basic Scientific Temperament - Outline Example

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The paper describes the manner in which science affects all of us in the activities of the daily routine. Give an understanding of how some the electrostatic force helps in keeping a natural balance. Trying to decipher some scientific principles with the help of simple experiments…
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Electrostatic Force and Its Effect on Our Life: a Basic Scientific Temperament
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Extract of sample "Electrostatic Force and Its Effect on Our Life: a Basic Scientific Temperament"

Download file to see previous pages There was a time when the hydrogen atom was considered as the smallest elementary particle on earth. It was considered unbreakable. But as the technology developed and in-depth research took place, it has become known that the atom can further be broken into a number of other smaller particles. These charges are bound together by way of their polarity/ charge and a number of another natural phenomenon. The electrostatic force is one such force which binds the electrons in the orbit, within an atom. Though the concept is quite easy it is found that the students often find it tough to ‘memorise’ the whole concept. Science and scientific concepts provide us with factual information about the manner in which a number of activities take place. But, the fear of long equations and lengthy theories often puts off the students and they tend to lose interest in the learning of science. This is bound to happen if we enter a class with the notion that we’ve to complete the syllabus and the students have to learn the topics. Bullock and Wikeley (2008) state that ‘individual educational relationships between students and a tutor are the key to effective learning’. Therefore, in order to make science learning a fun, we need to. Provide examples which we often come across, but somehow we miss the science behind the happening of those actions. For example, we might start from simple things like, why we are able to run on a rough surface, but find difficulty in running on a slippery surface; or why is it that when we drop a pencil, it goes down and doesn’t go up etc. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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