Alternative Medicine as a Substitute for or Complement to Conventional Medicine - Outline Example

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Taking two to three alternative therapies or medicines as examples, the author of the paper “Alternative Medicine as a Substitute for or Complement to Conventional Medicine” will evaluate the extent to which alternative medicine may be considered a viable treatment option…
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Alternative Medicine as a Substitute for or Complement to Conventional Medicine
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Extract of sample "Alternative Medicine as a Substitute for or Complement to Conventional Medicine"

Chosen essay Approach verbs and key words Rewrite the essay in your own words Decide on some resources Introduction: One of the major debates in the healthcare is the use of CAM in treatment of chronic illnesses. Though there still lies mixed reactions in the topic, studies show that CAM has benefits for patients suffering from chronic diseases.
Main body:
1st paragraph
Topic sentence – Integrating complementary and alternative therapies with conventional healthcare has many benefits to patients especially those suffering from chronic illnesses.
Supporting points:
Studies have shown the effectiveness of CAM
Medical practitioners prefer using CAM with conventional medicine.
CAM has been linked to extended lifespan of cancer patients.
Concluding sentence: Integrating CAM with conventional medicine is one of the greatest milestones in the history of Medicare.
2nd paragraph
Topic sentence – There are various types of complementary and alternative therapies.
Supporting points:
Acupuncture: refers to the process of stimulating various points within the body using special needles.
Massage therapy: refers to normal massages that are done to the body to ease the muscles and relax the body.
Gerson therapy: refers to organic and plant-based diets that facilitate natural healing of the bodies.
Electromagnetic therapy: refers to the channelling of magnetic fields and pulse fields to the body of patients.
Concluding sentence: Therefore, CAMs are beneficial to patients with chronic illnesses as they offer various ways of containing the diseases.
3rd paragraph
Topic sentence – There is a growing trend of CAM in contemporary healthcare with many medical practitioners advocating for these therapies.
Supporting points:
Surveys have indicated that most medical institutions are adopting use of CAMs to contain chronic illnesses.
Due to the effectiveness of CAM and lack of better cure for chronic illnesses has made health workers look for alternative ways of prolonging the lifespan of patients.
Due to popularity of CAM among patients and medical practitioners.
Concluding sentence: Judging by his growing trend, most health institutions will be forced to incorporate CAM therapies in their healthcare.
With the rising cases of patients with chronic illnesses, use of traditional or conventional medicine may not be entirely effective. This is because patients react differently to medicine and for that reason, one type of medicine may not be effective for some patients. It is therefore plausible to incorporate as many alternative and contemporary medicines as possible to cater to the various needs of patients. In conclusion, CAM has been instrumental in containing chronic diseases among patients through extending of lives and easing of pain. Read More
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