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Basically, USM provides excellent higher education to students who are talented and those that have various cultural differences in its three campuses namely; Portland, Gorham and…
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Evaluation of the website for ESOL program
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Evaluation of the website for English for Speaker of Other Languages (ESOL) program Importance of ESOL ESOLis one of the numerous programs that are offered by the University of Southern Maine (USM). Basically, USM provides excellent higher education to students who are talented and those that have various cultural differences in its three campuses namely; Portland, Gorham and Lewiston- Auburn. Of importance to note is that students who happen to participate in this program are a representation of over 30 countries and languages as well. Apparently, ESOL courses are taken by some students as basics for academic courses in future while other are in dire need to improve their English language skills for the purposes of work, other university studies and/ or for personal satisfaction.
Accessibility of information
The website could be regarded as one of the few websites that are easy to maneuver particularly when accessing any kind of information required. Firstly, the website has eight main areas (segments) that have been incorporated with the most crucial information. Although it does not have the Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) that is mostly found in university websites, people who visit the website for the first time could easily decide if they can use the program by simply going through the main literature.
Secondly, in case interested persons are not fully satisfied with information that is currently present or they need more clarification, the website has provided contact information of various emails where more information is found.
General Appearance
Notably, the overall appearance of the website is very attractive. Basically, the main colors (shade of blue and white) blend well with the main purpose of the website. In fact, it uses a simple theme to capture the attention of students /learners and other interested persons. Additionally, the graphics used to accompany the literature give emphases to the main concept of the website. In fact, the graphics gives the reader the chance to imaginably connect with most of the sceneries that are present in the website such as the three campuses, news and events connected to the university among others.
It is for undoubted reasons that the website is an example of utilized diversity in most areas. In regard to the ESOL the university has confirmed that it is capable of offering learning opportunities to student speaking in 30 languages and from 30 countries. Simply put, the university embraces diverse culture which upholds dignity of human beings across the world. At the same, it serves as a marketing tool for the ESOL program and the university as a whole since not many universities embrace such wide culture related languages and/ or courses.
Another diversity aspect revolves around the three main campuses that are located at different strategic points. This allows students from different cities and countries to access learning facilities at their comfort without having to travel for long distance to one main learning facility, thus making learning experience more exciting and comfortable.
Thus, the ESOL program is one of the best programs there is as at now.
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University of Southern Maine (USM). Accessed on 15th October, 2014 as Read More
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