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In the instructions - Admission/Application Essay Example

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It also helps in strengthening the students-teacher relation and bringing in liveliness into the classroom. Oral participation is considered to be a significant…
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In the instructions
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Download file to see previous pages Active students’ participation in classroom also points towards their effective learning ability and their personal expansion in professional life. Students who are actively participating in class are reported to have higher persistence and higher satisfaction.
It is important to explore class participation from the perspective of a student, as it a source of providing firsthand knowledge about their perception and feelings. The perceptions and feelings of the students can be strongly associated with their own experience of class participation. There is a need of making different requirements between evaluating class participation such as dialogues and evaluating a structured task such as a debate. There is no doubt about the fact that the academic success in the classroom of foreign language is based on their oral presentation in class. Many foreign teachers consider it a struggle to make the foreign language in a way so a motivating students in oral participation (Guccione, 2012).
There are a variety of factors identified which play a part in encouraging or discouraging students in oral participation. These factors can be the gender differences, student’s age, their particular ethnicity, student’s willingness and motivation to talk, their interest in topic, their emotions like fear or confidence, student-teacher relations, class size, etc. that play important role in oral participation and academic achievement of a student. Research suggests that many students experience the foreign language anxiety in the language learning class that has negatively impacted their performance in the class. There are also some environmental factors such as classroom traits, lecture traits, physical setting and engaging classroom content. Group work and pair work is considered to be important for learner-learner interactions, as it helps in facilitating language development. Language classrooms can be ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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