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Classroom Behavior: A comparison of the New Chinese Immigrant and Local students in Hong Kong - Research Paper Example

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The present research aims to investigate classroom behavior problems of 40 new immigrants who are currently studying in Primary five in Hong Kong. Their behavior problems were compared with 40 local students in terms of frequency and the level of disturbance created to teachers and their classmates. …
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Classroom Behavior: A comparison of the New Chinese Immigrant and Local students in Hong Kong
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Download file to see previous pages Thus, it is significant to see whether the behavior problems are prominent in students whose parents are from Mainland China, or if the behavior problems are due to the peer relationships in school. Some of the students will have higher perceptions of their academic performance. The level of life satisfaction in relation to the importance of to the development of the children will also be noted. Background In China, education is regarded as an important aspect of a child’s life and is regarded as an important aspect of the psychological development of the child (Lam, 2006). The Chinese government has sought to provide educational opportunities to both urban and rural Chinese for the purpose of improving the nation’s literacy rates (Chan, 1999). The educational design was intended to foster the cultural values of the country and improve the overall skills of the Chinese citizens (Chan, 1999). The increase in the quality of education provided enabled increasingly larger segments of the population to pass the collegiate admissions test and the renewed interest in Western management systems and techniques inspired increasing enrollments in Master’s programs (Chan, 1999). ...
environment, including factors like a supportive school atmosphere and the classroom context as well as language barriers, was determined to be directly related to school satisfaction (Lam, 2006; Bai, 1995). The numerous studies conducted on the affect of the classroom environment, support of the educator, the student’s sense of belonging within their academic surroundings, academic achievement, and peer pressure on the self-perception and moods of the students has revealed that these factors have a direct influence on learning and classroom behavior (Lam, 2006). Scholastic satisfaction has been defined as a cognitive-based assessment of a student’s overall contentment with their educational experience (Lam, 2006). Research implies that youth attending primary and middle schools are beginning to exhibit a declining importance in attending school (Lam, 2006). These results correlate with additional studies that have determined high school students tend to be dissatisfied with their lives (Lam, 2006). Summative student perceptions regarding classes will result in an increase in reflective decision-making and can decrease the weight of peer pressure (Wei brok & zhou, 2009). Student perceptions can be strongly influenced by factors such as teacher popularity, the impressions of their peers, the grading leniency of an instructor, or student backgrounds (Wei brok & zhou, 2009). The impact of learning environments is additionally affected by the students’ perceptions of the interpersonal interactions between the student and the teacher (Wei brok & zhou, 2009). It has also been established that there is relational significance between the life experience, intellectual self-sufficiency, and motivation to learn and the student’s level of satisfaction (Lam, 2006). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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