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Aspects of employment among Chinese international students after graduated from universities in the UK - Dissertation Example

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Aspects of employment among Chinese international students after graduating from universities in the UK Introduction In this modern age when people have become conscious about their education standards and global opportunities of employment, cross border education is becoming increasingly important…
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Aspects of employment among Chinese international students after graduated from universities in the UK
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Extract of sample "Aspects of employment among Chinese international students after graduated from universities in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages The Center for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) is working hard to open opportunities between countries to provide educational services. The team is striving to assemble stakeholders from both educational sectors and trade in international forums. They focus mainly on assessing and maintaining records of cross border post secondary education and making all efforts to increase the demand of such education. They are also monitoring the pattern of quality development to see that international standards are maintained. Since the beginning of this century, various programs of cross border education have emerged. Such programs create the opportunities for many international benefits like educational institutes in all countries are focusing on developing an international approach in their systems. There are four mutually associated approaches behind such developments: “desire to promote mutual understanding; the migration of skilled workers in a globalised economy; the desire of the institutions to generate additional revenues; or the need to build a more educated work-force in the home countries” (Internationalisation of Higher Education, 2004). There has been a rapid growth of international mobility of students in the last few years. In mid-1990s, OECD countries hosted around 85 percent of all students from across the world who have approached foreign education. Europe is the most popular choice for foreign students but North America ranks first in providing educational opportunities to all students striving for education abroad. Research has shown that 60 percent of all international students are from the Asian region (OECD, 2004, p.11). There are many other elements attached to cross border education that needs explanation. Globalization which means flow of people, culture, knowledge etc. across borders helps to promote interconnectivity and interdependence between nations. Education is one sector which is strongly affected by globalization. Then there is internationalisation of higher education which means making educational activities like teaching, research and service of international standard and also integrating intercultural elements into education system. There are also internationalisation activities which include agreements between institutes across borders, international or intercultural standardization of teaching process, mobility of teachers and students, and also campus based extracurricular activities. Another term associated with cross border education is trade of education services which focuses on “cross border education initiatives that are commercial in nature and are usually intended to be for-profit in nature” (Cross border tertiary education, 2007, pp.23-24). In recent times there has been a growing demand of post secondary education as well as profession based courses. There are various reasons behind this like increasing population in countries, increasing number of students completing their secondary education, growing demand for continuous education till late age and growth of consciousness regarding importance of education. It is now becoming difficult for public sectors to cope with the rising demand of higher education. Therefore, alternative processes of education are developing. Such processes include private sectors getting involved in providing education, emphasis on distance learning which has become more prominent with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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