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An individual could also depend on their cultural values in defining their degree of autonomy “It has promoted a culture that so celebrates uniqueness that people are driven mad trying to…
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Interdependence and Independence
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Interdependence and Independence Independence is the ability of a person to define oneself based on their principles. An individual could also depend on their cultural values in defining their degree of autonomy “It has promoted a culture that so celebrates uniqueness that people are driven mad trying to prove themselves unique” (Gish Den, p. 201). ‘People put forward the needs of others instead of their own needs in interdependence. This means that people take care of each other,’(Gish, p. 201) “Jen’s father had been born into a culture whose parenting style explicitly intends the humbling of the individual self in favor of the needs of the broader collective” (Gish Den, p. 201).
In support of the observations, people are, in the modern times, learning about becoming independent. People no longer wish to share their concerns with others. This is because they tend to create social security for their private matters. Culture is fading away slowly and gradually, it does not significantly affect the decisions made by the people. For instance, if someone has issues with their spouse, culture would dictate that they continue living together. This should not be the case as people have the right to make their own independent decisions.
An individual’s needs are more important than the community’s needs. People are more important than their communities are. The community regulates the rules and regulations that involve assisting one another. The rules advocate for community coexistence, getting it wrong. People in the community should push for what is beneficial to their lives. A person cannot seek for the rights of the community at the expense of their own benefit.
I will raise my children differently from the way I was raised. It is important to appreciate and respect their efforts and decisions. There is need to encourage them to become independent thinkers. This is because they must be accountable for their own decisions and actions. Parents should only provide their children with guidance, in order to have them make the right choices in life.
Through independence, individuals are able to understand themselves. They realize their uniqueness and acquire the ability for self-development. Independence affects the personality of an individual positively because they act without other people’s influence. People are able to keep their thoughts and feelings as secrets, increasing their internal activity. Independence gives an individual a sense of control over their lives.
It is important to listen to parents whenever they give advice on a particular concern. The parents are wrong in some instances, but they try hard to influence the decisions of their children. I will disagree with the parents if they tried to influence my independence in the choice of relationships or majors in college. This is because the parents focus on their selfish goals and force their children into careers and relationships they never intended. Humility needs to be the basis of the approach to parents about the concern. They should understand that everyone has their vision in life and they have a right to achieve their goals.
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Jen, Gish. Tiger Writing: Art, Culture, and the Interdependent Self. New York: Publisher, 2013. Print. Read More
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