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Critically discuss how youth work practice contributes to young peoples transition from dependence to interdependence - Essay Example

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The physical changes that occur with the onset of puberty, individual and cultural notions about the desirability of the changes and the external reactions to the changing physicality alter the…
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Critically discuss how youth work practice contributes to young peoples transition from dependence to interdependence
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"Critically discuss how youth work practice contributes to young peoples transition from dependence to interdependence"

Download file to see previous pages The young person starts to look for groups that share similar thoughts and attitudes in the search for consistency within the self that would enable the creation of identity.
There may be a variety of factors acting on an individual at this stage: parental demand for conformity to social norms, peer pressure for conforming to norms of the group and individual’s conflict of conformity versus striking out to find a path or acceptance with a peer group. In cases where the family situation is rife with conflict due to parental temperament, financial pressures, surrounding social situations, the conflict within the young adult leads to undesirable behavioral outcomes.
The growing individual leaves behind the state of sensory exploration and becomes more conscious of the self as a part of the world. Coleman and Hendry explain the connection between the onset of puberty and the development of self identity. At this stage, the individual develops a sense of being a person distinct from others and is conscious of the image being presented to the world. At this stage, physical appearance takes precedence and the varying stages of bodily development can be a source of continuing dissatisfaction. Steinberg’s research suggests that the emotional dependence of the young individuals on the parents reduces with the onset of puberty and the increased search for identity. Kroger attempts to explain the stage of identity formation as a natural sequence that a child goes through after initially mapping a significant elder’s identity. The individual seeks to understand the self at a psychic level and arrive at a personal conclusion of ways to live by.
The early stages of adolescence find children in different stages of physical maturity. The acceptance of the changing physicality at the peer, family and social level impacts the individual’s views of the changes. As the body develops, young ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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