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Politics of education - Annotated Bibliography Example

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Since the United States offer the freedom to exploit profitable chances of one’s productive enthusiasm and brilliance, its capital city is forced to…
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Politics of education
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Extract of sample "Politics of education"

Download file to see previous pages The protagonist has quick wit and street smarts as his wealth to survive in the city and fight odds that comes across his way.
Alger has brilliantly connected situations to make the changes look so easy and enticing for emerging young minds. The author has put a patron in place to turn Dick’s luck; then he sends Dick to escort his nephew along his tour which changes the hero’s life. Though Alger is trying to explore the inspiring example of an orphaned bootblack’s rags-to-riches experience, he keeps a place for the wonderful fictional literature too. Alger compares the buildings of New York to palaces, and in the development of the story he makes it a comfortable reading by the inclusion of all essential characters ranging from a patron to the villain. Altogether, the journey of an underdog from ‘Ragged Dick’ to ‘Richard Hunter’ perfectly blends all essential features that can evoke optimism among the under privileged.
‘The Lesson’ is a story told in the first person narration by the central character Sylvia about her life in the neighborhood consisting of several under cared children and their encounters with fate. There is a fictional Fifth avenue in the story as a dream model of their lifestyle around which all the discussions develop. Bambara places the theme based on the strong will, intelligence and leadership of an African American preteen girl with intent to challenge the practical meaning of democracy in the country. The story walks on the economic line that makes a visible separation between the rich and the poor with sensible dialogues to challenge the American society’s indifference towards the financially destitute natives and communally separated migrants. Bambara introduces Miss Moore as a messenger to exhibit the glory of education to show the children how life can be turned gaining with academic excellence.
On the other hand, ‘The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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