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Critical Review of 4 Papers about Education - Assignment Example

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The "Critical Review of 4 Papers about Education" paper contains a review of articles such as "Citizenship education as placebo: ‘standards’, institutional racism and education standards" by Gillborn, and "Playing it up, playing it down, playing it safe: Queering teacher education" by Ferfoljab…
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Critical Review of 4 Papers about Education
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Extract of sample "Critical Review of 4 Papers about Education"

Download file to see previous pages The author argues in this article that the real problem between races in Great Britain goes beyond individuals that discriminate and hate one another base don race. He argues that institutional racism is a real problem. Part of the problem is that Citizenship Education has been touted as the cure for the nation’s racial strife. The author argues that Citizenship Education does little more than making people feel good because it looks like the government is doing something to address the problem. In reality, the author contends that Citizenship Education acts as a placebo. He argues that it is impossible for the institution to eliminate racism if the institution itself is racist.

Much of the author’s foundation for argument is based upon the findings of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry. Stephen Lawrence was an 18-year-old black college student. He was murdered by a group of white youths that have never been convicted of the crime. The subsequent report identified failings, bias, and racial hatred not just in individuals but also in the institutions that should have brought Stephen Lawrence’s murderers to justice. The author then goes on to back this claim up with some powerful statistics. The white-black discrepancy in achievements in national standardized tests is discussed. AS are the shocking statistics that show white and black students begin their public educations in Great Britain scoring equal on standardized tests but from the preteen years onwards, black students begin to lag farther and farther behind. The author points to this as a clear indication of institutional racism. He then concludes his argument by showing the failings of Citizenship Education as something that ignores the institutional role in poor race relations. By focusing on interpersonal relationships, Citizenship Education fails to address the inherently unfair situation minority students encounter by being part of the public education system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Review of 4 Papers about Education Assignment.
(Critical Review of 4 Papers about Education Assignment)
Critical Review of 4 Papers about Education Assignment.
“Critical Review of 4 Papers about Education Assignment”.
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