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One of the most common complaints of teenagers that causes conflicts in our homes are about our overprotective parents who do not believe we can already take care of ourselves. The incident was about a scouting activity where we have to go out of town with my organization…
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Download file to see previous pages My experience with my parents taught me that by default, parents are overprotective because they love their children and not necessarily to deprive us of fun. The conflict began when my parents became furious at me for going out of town even if they did not allow it. I prodded and argued with them to be able to go out of town with their permission but no matter how I explained and assured them that I can already take care of myself, they still did not allow me to go. I was more disheartened when I learned that all of my classmates were permitted to go by their parents. This prompted me to take matters in my own hands and decided to leave and go to the outing even without my parent’s permission. I was aware that this could cause conflict with my parents so I took measures to mitigate the conflict.
One of the measures I did to mitigate the conflict with my parents is to update and assure them that I was okay. I was aware that they are going to look for me when I am gone so I left a note that I went ahead with the assurance that I will be okay. In the camping site, I also updated them with my activity and constantly reassuring them that I am fine and could take care of myself. I also I did not forget to tell them that I love them hoping that it would also help mitigate the anticipated conflict when I arrive home. I also did not abused my freedom when I went out of town without my parent’s permission that give reason to my parents to be furious. I was aware that if something happens to me during the trip, my parents will not forgive me and will never trust me again to go out on my own. So I made it sure during the trip that I will not do anything irresponsible or stupid that would make my parents worry. I wanted to prove them that I am already old enough to take care of myself and that I can be trusted. I enjoyed the activity and made sure ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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