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This paper, based on a visit to the site, seeks to summarize its main features. The paper will also identify strengths and weaknesses associated with the site and gained…
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Historical site visiting
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Historical site visiting Oakland cemetery is one of the identified historic sites around Oakland and is a nationally recognized. This paper, based ona visit to the site, seeks to summarize its main features. The paper will also identify strengths and weaknesses associated with the site and gained knowledge from its history.
Main elements
The Oakland cemetery has a number of observable features, some of which were derived from real events. One of the observable elements of the cemetery is a monument that was erected in honor of Atlanta’s first mayor. This monument is located near one of the site’s towers. Another identifiable element at the site is a mausoleum located on a hill. The mausoleum was named after its constructor, Austell. A lamp with marks from Atlanta’s bombing of the nineteenth century is also a feature of the site. The lamp is located near one of the site’s major graves. The cemetery is also identified with burials of prominent historic people in the locality. It is a resting place for a number of former local mayors (Oakland, p. 1).
Diversity and stratification is another observable feature of the site. It is divided into sections, each with distinct characteristics. The most notable is the ‘Confederate’ area that is identified for burial of civil war soldiers. A monument, called ‘confederate obelisk’ that was established to mark the end of civil war, rest in the section. There is also an identifiable area with Jewish culture embedded in the graves’ designs. ‘Potter’s section’ and ‘black section’ are also identified sites of the cemetery that illustrate segregation on economic and racial basis. It is explained that the poor, who could not afford graveyards were buried at the potter’s section while the designated ‘black section’ is associated with the period of racial discrimination and was majorly for burial of blacks. A mass grave, associated with victims of yellow fever in the nineteenth century is also characteristic of the cemetery. The site is however not as active as in earlier period as many of the dated graves were used before the twenty first century (Oakland, p. 1).
Strengths and weaknesses of the site
One of the strengths of the site is its preservation of history. Division of the cemetery into sections, each with distinct features communicates historical social stratification that was extended to the cemetery. Similarly, monuments that were established in the site preserves history of the events upon which they were developed (Oakland, p. 1).
The cemetery’s sight also communicates weaknesses. Lack or repair and maintenance of the site’s elements for example communicate neglect of place. Traces of effects of the 2008 tornado are an example of the level of neglect on the site. The fact that the cemetery is not actively used also discredits its value. This is because the high social class could have maintained pride in using the site if it held much utility (Oakland, p. 1).
Gained insight about the about portrayed history
The cemetery communicates segregation as a historic social issue. It also explains, through the mass grave of the fever victims, evolution in healthcare. This is because it does not record any mass death and burial after the yellow fever calamity, an indication that measures were taken to control such disease outbreaks (Oakland, p. 1).
Oakland cemetery is one of the identified historic sites near Oakland. A visit to the site communicates history of segregation, civil war, and natural calamities. The site has been neglected despite its role as a historic site.

Works cited
“Oakland”. History. Oakland Cemetery Preservation Society online, 2012. Web. 23 May. 2012. Read More
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