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Historical sites in UAE - Research Paper Example

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Located on the southeastern coast of the Persian Gulf, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of seven emirates, which have a long history (Al-Alkim 19). Within the UAE, a number of historical sites exist that show that this area has been occupied by human beings for…
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Historical sites in UAE
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"Historical sites in UAE"

Download file to see previous pages The long history of human habitation of the area has brought about a situation where a number of historical sites show evidence of the different eras that have taken place. These have mainly been as a result of the human ability to adapt to their environment and to express themselves through the construction of significant monuments that have ended up becoming significant historical sites. In this paper, there will be a discussion of three important historical sites of the UAE that include Qasr al-Hosn, the Al Badiyah Mosque, and finally, the Al Hili Archeological Park.
The Qasr al-Hosn is located in the city of Abu Dhabi and it is considered the oldest stone building in the city. Located in the Sheikh Zayed the First Street, it was constructed in 1761 as a conical tower designed to ensure that the only fresh water well in the area was protected. Seeing the advantage of this site, the ruler of Abu Dhabi, Shakhbut bin Dhiyab Al Nahyan, in 1793 decided to expand this tower into a small fort who also established it into his permanent residence (Maitra 262). As the official seat of the Abu Dhabi sheikhs for centuries, Qasr al-Hosn gained significant value within the emirate because it came to be associated with government. This historical landmark has seen various renovations over its long history, which went according to the taste of the various rulers who occupied it. Following the discovery of oil in the UAE, this site was given a major extension and it took on its current shape as a result of the oil revenues which allowed the Abu Dhabi emirate to have the funds necessary to expand the residence of the emir.
As the official seat of the Abu Dhabi government until 1966, this fort has also become the home of the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation whose purpose is to preserve the rich cultural history of the emirate. The Qasr al-Hosn has become a major tourist attraction for those who visit the UAE because it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Historical Sites in UAE Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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