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The Corniche Pearl Monument - Assignment Example

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An author of the following assignment attempts to describe the cultural significance of a commemorative site that goes by the name of the Corniche Pearl Monument. Moreover, the writer of the assignment will discuss the origin of the monument as well as its value for the community.
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Extract of sample "The Corniche Pearl Monument"

Download file to see previous pages The Pearl serves both commemorative and critical functions to the people of Qatar. It is a commemorative site since it reminds the people of their history as pearl traders and their love for pearls. In the modern state of Qatar, the monument has served to remind the current generation of the cultural significance of the pearl industry. This is an industry, which used to be the backbone of the economy of the country but today it is almost being forgotten as it has been replaced with oil production and gas explorative industries. (Walker & jenny 251).The pearl is therefore very relevant to society since it carries the history of the people.
The obelisk serves a critical function as a hub of tourist attraction and it is strategically located at the capital city making it a favorite tourist destination for many, both locals and foreigners. The Residents of Qatar visit the site to be associated with it because of their historical attachment with pearls whereas foreigners come to visit it mainly because of its fame. On a daily basis, the center together with other tourist sites in the region receives over a thousand tourists with all of them paying a lot of money to spend time in the stretch of the beautiful scenery. This has boosted the economy of Qatar, which is one of the states with high economic growth and indeed the richest in the world. This is evidenced by the many modern infrastructures that have been developed in Doha recently, mainly in the transport sector. The multibillion-dollar Doha transport way and the Qatar Saudi Arabia road are the recent projects in the transport industry. These two highways will open access to the region and connect it to neighboring countries further boosting trade and consequently the economy.
The statue is also critical in that it provides home for oysters in its gulf thus accumulating the pearls of the oysters. These pearls can be collected generating a lot of money which will further inject into the booming economy of Qatar. ( Fromherz, Allen 71) Currently, the pearl sector is not fully utilized mainly because of the far much lucrative oil and gas industries that have become popular but that does not mean it is insignificant. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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