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Steps to Applying for a Job: Evaluation of Web Sites - Case Study Example

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An author of the present study will provide a summary of the credibility, reliability, currency, and usability of multiple websites that represent employment opportunities. Moreover, the writer shall describe the search strategy for each particular web site…
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Steps to Applying for a Job: Evaluation of Web Sites
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Extract of sample "Steps to Applying for a Job: Evaluation of Web Sites"

Download file to see previous pages I checked the first link, which was titled “Oil and Gas Jobs in Africa | InfoOil Careers” and read the information given on the website. I noticed a few jobs in Angola on the page but the site did not have the type of career counseling information I was seeking and also had a paid membership structure, so I went back to the SERPs to consult other results. The next link I clicked led me back to the same site, only to a different page, so I decided to click on an ad in the sidebar. This link led me to a website that was only related to Sudan, so it was not appropriate for my search. Since Angola is my home country, I was interested to find links referencing it.
I saw a link titled, “How to Find a Job in Angola,“ and despite the fact that the article did not have any oil industry specifics in the title, I clicked on the link to visit the page, and used the information I found there to refine my search to the next level.
The article at eHow suggested that most job vacancies in Angola are in the oil and gas industry, which is also the target of my search. Some of the information provided was not relevant, such as obtaining a Visa to work in the country, as I am already a citizen there. The author suggested visiting the sites “Find a Job in Africa, Snag a Job and Job of Mine” so I decided to make that the next part of my search. She also suggested sending my resume directly to Chevron, for it “owns Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited in Angola, and is the largest foreign oil industry employer of the country.” I decided to make these the next steps in my search for a job on the internet.
I found eHow to be a highly credible site and an industry leader in providing informative articles on many topics. I found the writers at eHow to be delivering reliable information. The currency of the site was not relevant. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Steps to Applying for a Job: Evaluation of Web Sites Case Study.
“Steps to Applying for a Job: Evaluation of Web Sites Case Study”, n.d.
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