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In the current paper "Web Site Evaluation” it is proposed to evaluate one such web site on the basis of certain aspects and criteria that will be used to determine the effectiveness and appeal of these various features. The web site that is proposed to be evaluated is unique in its own sense…
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Web Site Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages The web site plays a crucial role by attempting to teach ancient Vedic philosophy to members of the younger generation using modern digital media techniques. For designing this web site, a lot of attention has been provided towards using requisite animation techniques that are known to draw young minds.
Basically, the web site will be evaluated for a set of seven criteria that will be used to prove the web site’s worthiness. All these factors that have been assessed will be discussed one by one in detail:
Accuracy of Web Documents: The first aspect that will be used to assess the web site happens to be the level of accuracy that is maintained in the web sites. This part of the evaluation will determine whether the author who wrote the web page would be available for contact. The purpose of having published the document, as also the reason for producing it should be elucidated. Lastly, it is also deemed appropriate to determine whether the person is qualified to write this document.
Firstly, the web site hosts an online forum wherein all those people who post their messages would be able to see each other’s contact details through the use of hyperlinks. This is shown in the figure following this paragraph. Secondly, the reason for having designed and produced this web site is to provide the younger generation an alternate medium to imbibe philosophical thinking in them so as to enable them to follow the righteous path. The author of this web site has been studying Vedic literature for a long time and is well-versed with its teachings. In addition, the author happens to be a graduate student in Digital Media Production, which would imply that he is aware of. This section will aim at determining the date of creation of this web site.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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