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I paid my attention that they are different in their design but also have some things in common. I was working at sites for cheap and luxury clothes. They are…
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Evaluating web site audiences
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Comparing of cheap and expensive clothes While researching labels of clothes there were twobrands that I found very interesting to compare. I paid my attention that they are different in their design but also have some things in common. I was working at sites for cheap and luxury clothes. They are and Both of them are easy to use. The structure is quite similar. They offer online shopping of clothes shoes and accessories.
I compared these sites according to age, gender and audience. The first page of “Versace” site demonstrates two women whose age range is of 25-40. In this way the designers present the intended audience of the brand. Firstly you may think that there are clothes only for women. It is the main idea of the designer who puts women on the top among the expected buyers. While exploring the site I saw that there were also collections for men, young people and children, so we see that this is the brand for all ages and genders. By writing prices near the goods the designers show that this brand is created for successful and high-income people. The second site is oriented for young women no more than 25. It is easy to see when you open it. The designers use energetic music and positive girls to represent the intended audience. So when you open the site you understand that it is for teenagers and for girls only. The site offers discounts and sales by means of which the creators try to attract people of middle income. The site of “Versace” introduces the new collections on top pages. It means that selling them is the main aim of the company. The site is designed in muted colors in order not to distract the attention of the customer. The web page of ‘Tally Weijl” uses discounts to attract people who are more interested in prices. That is why the site is very colorful and vivid. To make the site ‘Tally Weijl” easy and more comfortable in use they offer to choose the country you live in. After choosing the country the web page is displayed at your language. That is made for attracting people all over the world. There are two different styles which represent sites: classic style (“Versace”) and casual style (“Tally Weijl”). Classic style is typical for people engaged in different business spheres, open ceremonies and public interviews, while casual style is more appropriate for everyday life activities: shopping, walking, sport and so forth. Every page of “Versace” site contains logo which is an important part of the company image that is why it is easy to identify any item produced by this brand. In case of “Tally Weijl” logo is absent.
From examining two brands of clothes one of which is cheap and another one is expensive I can say that the designers used the same structure while creating the sites but they used different methods to attract people. Read More
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Evaluating Web Site Audiences Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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