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Writing Experience - Essay Example

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This essay presents the story about the writing experience. The author tells that he started developing the art and zeal of creative writing at the tender age in elementary school. He could learn and practice writing using anything that could draw or make simple lines…
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Writing Experience
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Extract of sample "Writing Experience"

Writing Experience I started developing the art and zeal of creative writing at the tender age in elementary school. I could learn and practice writing using anything that could draw or make simple lines. I could sit in my desk in school and trace out simple letters on grey papers that afterwards smudged when I engaged eraser harshly on the paper. My conscious was vivid; I wanted to emerge the best creative writer in Kindergarten class. I believed in creative writing. It had taken control of my thinking, and I remained at its mercy.
My desire to excel in creative writing grew in me throughout the years in school. I developed the zeal to write better-compared to authors in the vast number of books, which I read. I had become jealous of other creative writers. Each day, I could write many times and compare my work with other notable authors. I was so passionate about writing better than the existing literary scholars that my mother had to intervene. Mother informed me that if I could engage my soul in writing, I would be the most famous literary writer than authors of the books that I read (Alexie 1). Henceforth, I believed in the company of my soul in writing an appealing and understandable literature. I trusted in my mother’s words and later came to the realization that human mind has the power of letting words flow naturally during writing. I also learnt that I would have the most interesting and convincing voice in my literary works which my readers would always love to hear. Though my friends frequently complained that oratory skills and reading besieges me, I still believed that am an excellent and precise communicator when I involve my writing skills.
I had begun a long journey of overcoming the childhood discomfort in writing that tormented me in Kindergarten. The thoughts of writing as a boring profession faded as I begun to construct meaningful sentences in perfect handwritings. A love of reading and comparing my literary writing to notable writers raised an interest in third person writing. I successfully developed the zeal of creating original stories based on my imaginations. Success in imaginative writing erased childhood discomfort in writing and reading.
As I advanced to senior levels in education from elementary school, the writing knowledge that I had acquired started changing. I was introduced to different types of writing in 6th grade including research essays referenced from existing books. The first formal research paper that I wrote on 6th grade discouraged me with the new format of writing. I had believed in imaginative writing. I experienced no fun in writing research papers. I hated the new method of writing as it never involved the soul. However, I noticed a change in my vocabulary as I continued writing more research papers in 9th grade. I practiced the new style of writing and within a short period, I had begun writing novels and poems. I realized I could integrate creative writing with a new style and still create a new research paper that is even more appealing.
I believe that the experience I had in elementary school and high school continued to unveil my writing abilities. Though I committed several mistakes, it is undeniable that they form part of a writer’s experience. I also believe that research, passion and imaginative writing skills have significantly contributed to the quality of novels, papers, and poems that I now write.
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(Writing Experience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Writing Experience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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