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Which of Graves 5 pillars of racist thought do you see as most common or least challenged in your own ideas about race or in the U.S. more generally? How is that pillar reinforced in day-to-day experiences?
Among Graves’ five pillars, the pillar that states that races…
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Lecturer: Topic Which of Graves 5 pillars of racist thought do you see as most common or least challenged in your own ideas about race or in the U.S. more generally? How is that pillar reinforced in day-to-day experiences?
Among Graves’ five pillars, the pillar that states that races possess genetic dissimilarities that define their intelligence is the most common or least challenged in the United States (Graves xiv). The link between aptitude and race has always remained at the centre of argument in educational science as well as general study since IQ testing was invented during the 20th century. There have been numerous researches that have been published concerning the link between genes effect on IQ, group dissimilarity in IQ, race as well as impact of the environment on IQ. Specifically belligerent in the continuing argument has been the characterisation of concept of race and that of intelligence, particularly if they can be defined in an objective manner while being operationalized. Even though a number of environmental factors have been considered to influence differences in groups’ intelligence, there is no proof that they can elucidate the whole inconsistency. Nevertheless, there are no genetic factors that have conclusively demonstrated a casual association with group difference as far as intelligence test scores are concerned. Recent reviews concerning the debate have called for more research to be directed at the topic to define the relative influence of the environment and genetic factors in clarifying the superficial inconsistency in IQ among racial groups.
2. Can you think of an example in which Haney - Lópezs 3 factors determining race - "chance, context, and choice" - work together?
The best evidence demonstrates that there exists no widespread change in the proportion of Americans who select multiracial identities. Additionally, practices that deal with racial self-classification have a lower likelihood of having considerable repercussions in relation to the direction of social policies than the acts of social classification. Social classifications entails the manner in which people are observed and considered racially as well as ethically by others. The chances that an individual has in life are hugely influenced by the manner in which others consider and position them than the person’s own choice of racial classification. The physical characteristics possessed by a person and the interpretation of these attributes by others are in most cases the key factors that dictate how they will be treated by others. Variations seen in racial identity that are produced by changing meaning of morphology as well as ancestry are in most cases perturbing (Delgado and Stefancic 11).
3. Those readings tell us that race is not biologically determined. What argument did you find most helpful in understanding race as a social construction?
Race is not real when considered biologically as it is a social and political construction as a result of the law, public policy as well as social practices. Graves thinks that race is not invented by nature but people’s social institutions and practices making race and other classifications such as class and gender social constructions. Therefore, when race is created, it produces actual effects on attributes that become racialized.
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