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Metropolitan Police and are they Racist - Assignment Example

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Running Head: Metropolitan Police and are they Racist? Metropolitan Police and are they Racist? EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Police are the protectors of the people they are policing. They are seen as close to perfect as possible…
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Metropolitan Police and are they Racist
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Download file to see previous pages This approach is not only unacceptable, but also shameful. Therefore, this research aims to find out with the help of data whether this hypothesis is true or not. Analysis is made on the basis of a detailed discussion about the history of racism and its roots. It then looks into various incidents of racism that have taken place in history and Police’s involvement in them. Besides, it takes a closer look at the August riots and its various causes. In the end, a conclusion is presented that sums up the discussion and gives out some recommendations on the basis of it. TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 INTRODUCTION 4 Research Background 4 Aims and Objectives of the research 4 Rationale for the selection of the research 5 Research Question 5 Hypothesis 6 Review of the Key References 6 Key references for this study include the website of metropolitan police service and BBC website from which statistics of the August riots have been taken. Discussion about history of racism and introduction to institutional racism and its history, Macpherson and Scarman report and different incidents of police acting racist have been taken from various books and journal articles. These books include Racism and Borders: Representation, Repression, Resistance, Institutional Racism: A Primer on Theory and Strategies for Social Change, Racist Victimization: International Reflections and Perspectives and many others. 6 Justification for the selected research design 6 DISCUSSION 7 Some Statistics and Background Information 7 History – Britain 7 Racial Profiling – a history 9 London Riots, 2011 9 Some Popular instances 12 ANALYSIS AND CONCLUSION 14 Racism in Metropolitan Police Service – An analysis 15 Conclusion 15 REFERENCES 17 INTRODUCTION Research Background No matter how much everyone condemns the idea of racism but it is seen that everyone encourages it in one way or the other and intentionally or unintentionally acts like a racist. The phenomenon is so spread that even Metropolitan Police Service is not protected from it. There have been numerous incidents in the past that show that Metropolitan Police Service is racist in its attitudes and actions. Racism is the act of discriminating different races on the basis of different stereotypes attached with the races. Individuals have attitudes that they discriminate between people on the grounds of their races. When this discrimination takes the form of some kind of action and becomes inseparable with the acts of the institution then only it becomes institutional racism. This term will be used repeatedly in the course of this report (Scott, 1974, p. 6). Metropolitan Police Service, popularly known as the Met, looks after the territory falling in Greater London and deals with the crime and its causes in its territory. It also has the responsibility of helping in with the national targets of counter terrorism and protection of the British Royal Family and Government officials. Aims and Objectives of the research This research aims to identify instances in the past to verify whether Metropolitan police service has done racism in its actions or not. The research aims to look at some background information and history of racism in Britain and different developments made throughout the history in order to deal with this evil in the society. Furthermore, it aims to view some of the popular instants in which police showed racism in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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