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Race as a social Construct/White Privilege - Essay Example

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more generally? How is that pillar reinforced in day-to-day experiences?
The issues of race and racist are ones that are commonly discussed and…
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Race as a social Construct/White Privilege
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Download file to see previous pages One of the ways is by the use of the five pillars of racist thought. Of the five, the one that I find as most common is the claim that “races have genetically determined differences in athletic and musical ability” (p. 14). The reason this is said to be the most common is that there seem to be a lot of real life experiences and facts that seem to justify this position. In terms of athletics for example, it is common knowledge that most Olympic Games 100 meter gold medalists that the U.S. has produced in both men and women categories are Blacks.
The same can be made for great players and sports personalities like Pele of Brazil for soccer, Michael Jordan for basketball, Serena Sisters for tennis, Tiger Woods for gold, Mohammed Ali for boxing, and several others. Speak of music and the list will continue from Michael Jackson to Beyonce, all of who are Blacks. Having said all these, it is important to differentiate “between the biologically and socially defined concepts of race” (p. 14) as Graves advocates. This is because there can be a fundamental social explanation as to why there are more Blacks seen in active athletics and music than Whites. One of the explanations could be that those that take the lead in these areas have a positive social influence on others, causing them to learn from them and also become achievers in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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