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To read a story and write about it - Essay Example

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The writer narrates about his change that began back in 2003, when he applied for jobs and he would not get any feedbacks or even been called for interviews. This is when it came clear in his mind that something was wrong when he compared the past years on how he quit four jobs…
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To read a story and write about it
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Download file to see previous pages To him, life became unbearable when his he even decided to attend new meetings to improve on the knowledge he had, as the unemployment benefits were running were almost ending, the cost of living was rising up in Washington. It was after searching from town to town of Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky among others, in different companies that one call came from a headhunter and said it would be a perfect job for him, only to be asked why he never wrote about his bachelor’s degree. The author said that he never did one, and was told it is one requirement that would have made him prefect.
At that moment, it came clear why the writer got rejections and at times no responses from his resumes. He realized he was not self-sufficient and was living a lie. To him, he had known that he had all what it takes in terms of knowledge and skills to get the jobs, but his thinking was shattered. It then clicked in his mind that he needed to put things right, by first looking for ways to improve himself, by furthering his education, changing his thinking process and ideas on education. He decided to tie it all together after following some adverts he once saw on TV and the internet about Phoenix university, and went back to continue his education.
Over the learning period, the writer discovered three things that people say, never fear failure, and honesty is the best policy. They term it so because they believe that failure gives room for learning opportunities for growth. He quotes, “Thomas Edison failed thousand times to create the filament for light bulbs.” He later succeeded after not giving up. To be a failure means giving up and accepting that one cannot succeed. But the “I say” part of the writer is that he believes that if he wakes up in the morning, people can make a difference in the world in way or another. He says that people’s perception of failure is taken to be, that failure is bad, people look at what was done and what was left undone. But where they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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To Read a Story and Write about It Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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