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Assignment 2-- The Screwtape Letters - Essay Example

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These are the plot, which basically refers to a summary of the story. It comprises of the major events that are happening. This refers to the events that makeup the story at…
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Assignment 2-- The Screwtape Letters
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Download file to see previous pages In other words, symbolism is anything that stands for something like character, object, animal or something abstract like an idea or force of nature (Lewis 28).
In character portrayal, it tries to analyze how the characters tend to carry themselves. As in, what mood or tone they symbolize, an example could be polite, kind, rough, dictator or democratic leader, who shows a good example to the members, who are interested in retaining him for the next term.
To start with, the Screw tape letters describes how Christians view demons and in turn how they come to affect their lives, this is symbolized by the character Wormwood who is assigned a duty with his uncle Screw tape to guide the rest of the people, but instead, he leads them a stray to sins and later comes to damn himself. This is evidenced when Screw tape tries to reply letters from Wormwood. In as much as Christians tend to view how evil or demons affect their lives as human beings, wormwood is taken to represent the evil deeds, when he leads people to sins.
Screw Tape described as the old devil, introduces his nephew to the world of sin. He acts behind the scenes and this portrays him as a trickster. In their first conversation with Wormwood, he gives him a task after lying to him that when he was about his age, he also snatched the soul of great Nero himself. “Stealing forth on the historic night, he muttered, I sped to the heart of the holocaust where I heard the fiddle falter, and then and there, I screw Tape Minor, as I then was, snatched the soul of great Nero himself, and popped him in the pit.”
He also goes a head lying that he regrets his act. On this other side he is busy commanding Wormwood to attach himself to one Michael Green, a miserable human in the town. Mike was dead asleep and his mother was trying to wake him up three times but still laying on bed to an extent that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assignment 2-- The Screwtape Letters Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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