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I not only have the specific qualifications you are looking for, but also am a strong business leader, a graduate of the Institute of Business Administration. I have a great…
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Letter assignment
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Business Letter Mr. Paul Moral Vice President New York Business ity 34 East Avenue New York, MA 03350 Dear Mr. Moral, Please accept this letter and attached resume as application for the position of Sales Manager. I not only have the specific qualifications you are looking for, but also am a strong business leader, a graduate of the Institute of Business Administration. I have a great experience in the area with personal and professional contacts. You will come to know my customers about my being organized, efficient, and excellent in the field of building association as well as developing mutually constructive relationships.
I have always preferred challenges throughout my professional career in order to achieve different goals. The ability as well as the experience to deal with challenges in the sales management is a key to success of the business (Homburg, Schäfer, and Schneider). I, specifically, thrive on working in a challenging and result-oriented environment. The responsibilities of the position I am applying for would be a new sort of challenge for, and it attracts my attention because of its demand for a person who is very competitive. I assure you that I am the person very competent for this position in the sense of accepting challenges and dealing with them with a calmed mind.
I have developed strong sales skills during my career because skills enable one in building a record of continued sales enhancement (Bernan). The attached resume highlights some of my particular accomplishments in the field of marketing and sales management. These accomplishments encourage me and support my interest in a position within your organization.
P. Berry
Peter Berry
Vice manager of SAMC
Enclosure: Resume
Works Cited
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