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Columbus Letters to Voyagers - Assignment Example

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Christopher Columbus wrote a letter for all his voyages to spread the news about the voyages in Europe. Columbus therefore, wrote letters to announce his discoveries and successful voyages. This assignment compares the letter he wrote to Luis de Sant Angel and Gabriel Sanchez…
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Columbus Letters to Voyagers
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Extract of sample "Columbus Letters to Voyagers"

This letter had a lot of exaggeration concerning the number of concurred islands and their wealth. Columbus wrote his letter to Gabriel while still on board the ship at the canaries (Winsor, 1891). Unlike the other letter, this letter described difficulties experienced in their voyage. This letter was also written to show the difficulties the crew had to endure in order to make a successful voyage. Unlike the previous letter, this second letter was written in a less optimistic tone. The second letter was also written from reality and, therefore it lacked exaggeration. The letter written to Louis contained many myths and hence unrealistic.
In the letter written to Louis, Christopher talks about having discovered strange islands and communities. He talked of having discovered an island with fierce man-eating monsters. In his letter to Gabriel, Christopher talked about a storm that they encountered at the canaries and, this indicates the reality in the letter. Read More
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(Columbus Letters to Voyagers Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Columbus Letters to Voyagers Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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