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The language is globally used thus making it an important acquisition in one’s learning experience. Similar to any learning experience the course require participation in equal…
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Advice to Future Students
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Advice to future The in English has significant importance in the future academic and social life of a person. The language is globally used thus making it an important acquisition in one’s learning experience. Similar to any learning experience the course require participation in equal efforts from the tutor and the student. This increases the ease at which a student acquires knowledge in the course. In addition, Ryan, Cooper &Tauer are of the assumption that the total participation of the student in the learning experience makes it easier for the tutor to develop an interpersonal professional relationship with the student (33). Consequently, more efficient teaching strategies are developed.
In the class setting, the student is required to develop a learning relationship with other students. The course requires training for an effective learning experience. Training can be done through personal effort of the in groups (Jennings 26). A student should, however, develop both training mechanism. Personal training entails personal studying and practice. This is done effectively in a private location. In addition, a student may reflect on the previous classes or focus on the future classes. This enables the students to transition one learning experience to another. Moreover, this provides student with sufficient knowledge of the classroom content. The course also requires practice in both oral and writing skills. Oral skills are acquired through communication with other student. Writing skills may be developed without aid.
A student should also be able to access classroom resources such as reading and writing materials. This ensures a student keeps track of course development. With access to reading materials, a student is enabled to practice and refer to notes from previous lessons. In addition, learning resources improve the participation of students in the classroom setting. This significantly improves their learning experience.
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Advice to Future Students Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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