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This assignment has been mainly conducted to identify and utilize the learning and teaching strategies that aim at assisting and supporting failing students in their effort to achieve their desired learning outcomes. …
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Learning and Teaching Assessment
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Download file to see previous pages As the author of this assignment, I am a nurse in one of the busy surgical wards in Singapore, where at times students are posted for their placements. The Gibbs Model of Reflection (1988) This model mainly takes place in six stages. These are the first stage that comprises description stage that makes it necessary to identify and describe the events, the second stage that is made up of the feelings and thoughts from where the feelings and opinions of both the mentor and the student are recognized. The third stage is that of evaluation where a description about what is good and bad in relation to the event is necessarily provided. In the fourth stage, which involves analysis examines the event and the expansion of knowledge that encourages the student to see and make sense out of the situation. The fifth stage is made up of the conclusion where the new knowledge acquired as well as any other step that should be taken are recognized. The sixth and final stage involves the action plan through which the acquired new knowledge is related to a forthcoming experience. Stage 1: Description As the mentor, I conducted a mid placement interview assessment on Catherine who seemed to fail in the achievement of some of her learning outcomes as a 2nd year student. As I found out, Catherine experiences some difficulty in communication with her staff mates and patents as well. She is not well conversant with the English language and thus finds it difficult to communicate some of the terminologies with the patients and her colleagues. With this, she usually finds it very difficult to make herself understood. Despite these, she also exhibited some extremely positive sides in that she was very professional, courteous and hardworking...
This essay approves that if a student is to pass a placement, the mentor should ensure that they are confident about patients being in safe hands in the future. This is if the students proceeds with the routine and qualifies to be a nurse. It is also vital that mentors are not afraid to fail students. They should additionally realize that failing students are identified so as to prepare for greater achievements within the clinical practice.
This report makes a conclusion that mentoring is a significant complex and challenging task. However, to make the task much easier the mentor should apply some of the available models. In this case, chose to use the Gibbs model as the reflective framework due to its efficient outline in helping to handle the problem at hand. This is applicable in the initial, mid and final processes of the mentoring and assessment process. The chances of availability of learning difficulties in a student should be identified early enough to give the student a chance to develop an action plan that helps them to achieve their learning outcomes. With it, both the mentor and student in this case were able to realize that learning is a proactive process. In addition, it also requires a conducive clinical environment in which the student works. Moreover, feedback, which should be constructive and continuous, should be importantly provided. It is because students find it extremely useful in understanding any of the concerns that a mentor may possess. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Learning and Teaching Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/education/1491316-learning-and-teaching-assessment.
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